Monday, April 25, 2011

Going to Brazil!

Hello Family and Friends!!
ok so I guess my mission president broke the news to you already! I got my visa! You know whats funny you know more than I know! haha I knew my visa was coming but president didn't say it was for sure because it didn't come in the mail yet. So I guess I'm leaving Wednesday?! oh man I am nervous. I really am. President called me Friday night after an amazing day here in Huntsville and I was absolutely shocked. I really didn't think it was coming this soon! Oh man. You know what's funny? I thought I would be super thrilled to leave really I did! But I was sad. Ok don't worry I am really happy my visa came but there are so many wonderful people I have come to love so much here in Huntsville! I love being a missionary and I love Alabama! Man I'm going to miss Alabama! I almost started crying on the phone! haha ok I'll stop. But I do know one thing that is for sure. And that is I've been so blessed! I really think my purpose was fulfilled here in Alabama just hours before my mission president called. Friday was really a day full of miracles. We met all of our goals and even did better than the goals we set for ourself. And we met with the most amazing family! They are the Dixons. They seriously have become my second family here in Bama and i just love them! The reason why I say it was day of miracles is because only the daughter Brittney has been pretty active in the church for the past while but... we committed the mom and grandma to come to church on sunday and guess what!! they came! I was so excited! It was better than being able to see a baptism here. It was the coolest thing because when we had dinner with them Friday night the spirit was so strong. Everything that was said was lead by the spirit. Its one moment I'll never forget! Oh man I really am going to miss them! But I can leave Alabama a happy missonary and knowing that my Alabama family is coming back to church and loves it! haha We are having dinner with them on Tuesday night and I really just don't wanna say goodbye but hey thats how life goes right! But yeah that same day we met so many amazing people! There are so many people here in Huntsville! Sister Bee and I have had full days of follow ups and teaching for probably everyday the past week. We have been blessed tremendously! oh goodness I love being a missonary and now I get to learn how to do this in portuguese? haha cross your fingers and pray real hard for me ok! haha ok I'm getting more excited don't cha worry! And I get to talk to yall on wednesday! yay! k mom I'll call your phone. So it sounds like Easter was amazing for ya'll! And Matt Murdoch got his mission call! oh my goodness Argentina! tell him congrats for me ok! thats so cool! when does he leave? Mickelle congrats on the having a girl! Thats just so exciting! Keep me updated with all that goodness!
So I have to tell you about a couple people we met yesterday! It really was a day full of Easter miracles! So first off as a mission the past few days we have been studying the last moments of Christ's life and the resurection. Its been really interesting to see how much its applied to life as a missionary. And even more cool to see how much I really am a instrument in the Lords hand. For example thursday night we studied the last supper and the sacrament. Then Friday day we studied the atonement and guess what we talked to the Dixon's that night about coming back to church and the importance of the sacrament. Then Saturday we studied about Christs time in the Spirit world. And guess what! We taught a lesson to a lady that had recently lost her daughter and we were able to tell her where her daughter is right now and just help her find that peace again. Then Sunday yesterday we studied the resurrection and met a met a man that didn't feel his Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father loved him. He had lost a leg and was about to lose is other one. He was confined to his wheelchair and probably hadn't left his house for awhile. As we got talking to him we found out that he recently had tried to commit suicide. Yup super overwhelming. But the love I felt for him and just the love I felt that his Heavenly Father had for him was pretty amazing. So far as a missionary I had never felt the way I felt talking to that old man. It was saddness but a sense of urgency because that man was seriously in darkness. He said he has demons in his life. And we got talking to him and he felt that Jesus had answered and heard his prayer. My eyes filled with more and more tears as I talked to this man. It made me understand even more what our Savior did for us. I'm so grateful he really did die for us. He atoned for every single thing we have felt or gone through. He knows us personally and I am so grateful for that also because I certainly don't understand what that man has experienced and felt but I know that our Savior Jesus Christ does and I am so grateful for that! I am grateful that i am a missionary and was able to talk to Charles yesterday and bring some light into his life. He can't see very good because his vision is really bad so tomorrow sister bee and I are going back to read the Book of mormon with him. He really liked that idea. Oh goodness life is it just great isn't it! Well not 100% of the time thats for sure but I love that we aren't alone in this life. That we can turn to our Savior and Heavenly Father for that extra strength and make it through anything that comes our way!
Oh remind me to tell you about this amazing investigator that we just commited to be baptized this morning named Rita on the phone on wednesday ok! I wish I had more time to tell you but on the phone will be even better!
Well I sure do love you all! Crazy to think in a few days I'll be in Brazil attempting to speak Portuguese! haha
oh thanks for the Easter Package mom and Kelley! they both just absoluetly made my day! and Kailee, Naomi, and Tiffany and Alyssa thanks so much for the letters! I'll write you soon! Probabaly on the plane! haha
ok gotta run but I love you all so so so much! have a blessed week!
-Sister Gregory

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