Monday, April 16, 2012

So I just feel so loved! Almost everyone wrote me a e-mail! Thanks so
much! So before I get to responding to your e-mails I just have to say
guess what!!! On April 27 ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING TO VISIT US!!!! oh
how exciting huh?!! The entire mission is getting together so I will
get to see all my buddies here in the mission and also in the Porto
Alegre North mission! oh I will get to see sister Wegener and
Dangerfield!! Did I ever tell you Jeremy that Sister Wegener is a cool
sister? She worked at a running store in Sandy! hehe You just might
meet her... haha so yeah I´m super excited!! I´ll have to contain my
excitement this week and next. oh goodness! So kristina is heading
home already? man that went by super fast! I´m so glad she really is
loving the time she had in Ecuador. Really its so true as a missionary
or doing humanitary service like kristina you get attached and I can´t
imagine how it is or will be when its time to say good-bye. I hate
good-byes. i hope this time doesn´t come anytime super soon...But
kristina plan on telling me about everything ok?! and showing me all your
pictures! Can´t wait!! And well kristina I can´t say I´ve ever been in
your exact shoes about coming home after working in Ecuador. But
saying good-byes is tough and moving on to new areas or just the next
thing in life. My only advise for you is to stay busy and to lean on
the Savior Jesus Christ. Remember that your work and time in Ecuador
their preparations for the wedding and marrage. I can´t say everything
is super easy teaching this family or preparing stuff legally for
their wedding but the Lord is helping us more than everything this
time. Sisters have tried and tried to get Juci baptized in the past.
but things never worked out. But this time I just can feel and see the
hand of the Lord working in this work! its so amazing!! Man I love
being a missionary and instrument in the Lords hand! by the way things
are running like 100x smoother than two weeks ago. Sister Neves and I
are working so much better together. We made personal goals this past
week during our weekly planning and then after we always share and ask
each other to help out. well guess what? our personal goals were like
pretty much the same! haha gotta love it!
well gotta run but I love you all! and not to be trunky but yesterday
I was talking with Viviane the branch presidents wife and she asked me
alot about you guys coming to pick me up and such. she got to telling me
what other sisters have done when their parents came to get them which
gave me a lot of fun ideas for yall!! but I will keep it all a secret
till it gets closer to when yall will be coming ok! well I hope you
all have a wonderful week! oh before I go.. I got Bradley and Anna´s
wedding announcement this week! CONGRATS!! hahah I love the announcement!
I´m so happy for you two! A letter is coming your way! and I will
keep my eye out for a good wedding gift!
-Sister Gregory