Monday, February 13, 2012

Olha! so thanks so much for the wonderful e-mails! I´m really not sure
how much time I´ll have today to reply to e-mails. but tell Mark and
Denee and their family thanks so much for the e-mail! I was actually
thinking of them this past week and how I need to write them! So yeah
it was nice to hear from them! I will try to squeeze in the time today
to reply to their e-mail.
So I really am a bit tired! Its been pretty hot this past week so it
been pretty tiring. also this morning we visited the beach! cool huh!
a ward member that is like our mom/sister here took us to the beach to
take pictures and just see the beach here. we took a lot of pictures
that I will send to yall probably next week because I don´t have my
cord to hook in the computer. So yeah it was some great fun but.. I'm

just on the tired side.
So yeah this past week was pretty great. I can´t say our numbers were
great but the baptism for Anderson really happened! It was on the
stressful side but it did happen. So Thursday we planned to have his
baptism interview 6pm at the church. well he has difficulty arriving

on time to things so about 7pm after the Elders had arrived late also,
we called him up but he was just barely leaving his house. So since we
had a family night planned with a family in the ward at 7 I figured it
would be best to reschedule the interview for the following day. It
was a risky move since it would be the same day as the baptism. so
yeah the following day Friday we had a conference with our Zone. So

President and sister Swenson came into town. the Conference was super
good! I always love these conferences! By the way thanks for the
package! I wasn´t expecting another package! I was thinking I wouldn´t
be getting any more! but yeah towards the end of the conference
President asked everyone who would have a baptism that night. well
sister Tamily and I were the only missionaries! He then said that him
and sister Swenson would be watching it tonight. He asked was time,
where, who and what about the baptism. I was pretty nervous! It was
scheduled to happen but things could move and change after the

interview also I was worried that Anderson would be pretty late
showing up to the interview and baptism. Man I was just pretty
stressed out. Also was worried that there wouldn´t be that many people
to show up to watch the baptism. well anywho to get to the point of
the story we called everyone in the ward, Anderson did show up about
one hour late to the interview but right on time for the baptism!
Things really did turn out wonderfully and president gave us congrats
and just was proud of us! So yeah It was great. Then Sunday came
around church started and Anderson wasn´t there! oh my goodness got
stressed out again. I was thinking man this kid has got to show up or
he won´t get confirmed! and one week without being confirmed is pretty
risky. well in the end he showed up along with roberto, and all their
family right as the sacrament was being passed. He then got confirmed

after the sacrament. So yeah as you can tell I was a little stressed
this weekend! haha but I learned that I need to trust in the Lord just
a bit more and have more faith in my investigators. I am trying hard
to improve these things. but yeah really this week was a great one!
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I have to do something fun like make heart
shaped cookies or something tomorrow. and guess what else! I´ve
officially been out here in the field for 1 year! can you believe
that! how cool!
oh so Cris and Ekesle are still scheduled to be baptized feb 24th. we
tried rescheduling things for this past week but they said they didn´t
feel ready and thought it would be better to be baptized after the
youth conference this weekend. so yeah feb 24 will be the baptism for
them! I am so happy for them. They are progressing right along!
I´m glad to know that Hannah Butterfield got my letter! I really
didn´t plan on it coming the week that you guys did your mini mission
but how cool I could be apart of everything! Thats great to know

that one more missionary is heading out from our ward. Go Troy Gajdos!
So the goal for 8 baptismal dates is really the mission goal for each
week. but this past week and now one more week its the mission focus.
We are doing a thing called Operation Salvation. Each week we have a
new focus. If we are able to accomplish the goals each week at the end
of the month we will get rewarded by having a party with pizza, ice
cream and soda. Also we work in teams. Our teams are our districts so
yeah we each have to do our part or our Disitrict will loose. so yeah
Its a little bit of pressure but its helping the mission progress a
Thanks for letting me know when its Jane b-day! I'll put that date on my

calendar so I won´t forget!
So there are offically two more weeks left of this transfer! We will
have transfers Feb. 27. I am really thinking I´ll get transfered
because I don´t know but I just have the feeling that my time is up
here. so yeah I am trying my best to finish things up here in my
beloved Fragata!!
Thanks for sending over SIster Kemps e-mail! Its been a long time
since I´´ve heard from her! I sent her a letter but its been a long
time coming to get her reply. I hope shes doing great! It sound like
we both are having the same feelings about loving the mission and how
things are sure passing by.
Thanks for the updates with the politics and such. I'm rooting for mitt

Romney! Hope things work out.
Sorry my e-mail is on the boring side. I will try better next week.
But sure do love you all!
Well thanks for everything! Till next week!
-sister Gregory

Monday, February 6, 2012


So this past week was pretty great!! We are preparing Anderson for his
baptism this friday. we met with him this past friday to figure out
the situation and what happened with his mom. well she got pretty
upset that he didn´t come home ontime. also found out that she doesn´t
really believe in anything so she wants to make sure that Anderson is
prepared well and really wants this for his life. I did get the chance
to talk to her on the phone and let her know that she doesn´t need to
be worried. we will prepare him well and make sure that he is ready
for baptism. well on friday we also remarked his baptism. he was
pretty upset becuase he wanted to be baptized this past saturday. I
was a little sad too! but we explained to him that it would be best to
wait for a bet longer. it had also been a week since we had seen him
and guess what! he had read and kept praying to know if this church is
true! We were so happy to find this out! he so wants to be baptized.
We will keep preparing him and friday will be his baptizm!
Oh remember Jeferson? we baptized him in November. well guess what! he
blessed the sacrament yesterday! oh my investigators are just growing
up! haha its great to be able to see things like this! hahah
so we are still preparing Cris and Ekesle. They are such a wonderful
family! They both are reading and praying daily. And Cris writes down
what she reads so she doesn´t forget it! then shares with us after. We
were able to see a good change in them also. Our first visit with them
they were pretty not depressed but not happy. then this past week our
vist Saturday night Cris had done her makeup and just was super happy.
Ekesle talked alot more with us and started to joke around with us. It
was so cool. I also bought one of the hats she makes and sells for
Jane. ITs pretty cute. so yeah any who. They came to church and loved
it yesterday. Cris has a sister that is a member also and they came to
church yesterday to! her sisters name is Quelen. This family has been
less active for awhile. but once we found Cris this started to change
a bit in this family. Quelen and her Family have been going to church
straight for the past three weeks. their oldest son (same age as
Ekesle) got the aronic preisthood, and tuesday night we have planned
to do a huge family night with these two families. So yeah the Lord
really is blessing us! We re-marked their baptism for feb 24th because
the youth will have their youth conference the 18th and Ekesle gets
to go! also becuase their will be a carnival this weekend. So there will
be no one here in fragata pretty much. but actually we are thinking of
moving their baptism date to this friday. they really are progressing
right along and really there is no need to hold off for two more
weeks. we will see how today and tomorrow goes and follow this spirit
about re-marking their baptism. but it could happen! Also this week
the mission is focusing on marking 8 baptisms for each companionship.
so this will be our goal! As of right now only cris, ekesle and
Anderson have baptism dates! So we are putting our trust in the Lord
that we will find these elect people this week! oh goodness wish us
luck!! I´ll let you know how all this goes. Hope you all have a
wonderful week!! Its been raining non-stop these days so I hope at
least the sun is coming out for yall!!
love you!
-Sister Gregory