Monday, April 4, 2011

BAHHHH Sister Kemp got her Visa!! oh my goodness so exciting! So I feel like I'm the lone one left in Alabama! Sister Haslam and Scheewe left today for Brazil! so so so excited for them. Can't say I feel quite ready to leave yet but I feel like my time is coming so I'm a wee bit nervous! And a couple of the elders in my MTC district left also! oh my goodness I will get to Brazil!
So this week has been full of changes! But what week isn't! So I had a wonderful time in Oak Mountain on exchanges! I love sister Wegener! She is from Sandy Utah and we were instantly best friends! It was sad we only had like 24 hours together.. but I know we'll be friends after the mission and write till then. She's going to brazil also! she's serving in the Porto Alegre North mission. So maybe just maybe when I get my visa her and her companion will to! Lets pray for that ok! Her companion is going to the north mission as well. But yeah Iearned so much from the exchanged. It crazy how one thing can change your perspective. I learned how important the little things are in a mission. I learned how important it is to forget yourself. Always always lift up your companion and the people around you and how obedience to even the small things is so important. oh the list could go on! I sometimes wish I could just open my brain and put a fash drive into it to learn all the things I want! But i keep telling myself it will come. take it one step at a time! oh also include the lord daily. Prayer is key. so important! So yeah I really think I'm on the verge of getting a hang of this mission thing! Still so much to learn!
But I know the lord is in charge. It just blows my mind! So on Thursday morning I got a call from President. and he wanted to talk to me! And guess what I got transfered! to Huntsville! I don't know why I was so excited but I just freaked out! I guess the time for change was needed or something. And the best part out of it was I'm now in a apartment with four sisters and all of us are going to brazil or from brazil! bahhhh Can you believe it! you have no idea how excited I am! I am going to learn portuguese!! haha my new companion is sister Bee she is from Arizona and going to Joao Peso. She's been out for about a month longer than me so it should be exciting! The other two sisters are sister Bruno. She is from Sao Paulo. She is a Temple Square missionary and leaves in a week and half! So I've got to get in all the questions I have with her. and trust me I am! I'm going to get this language down! and the last sister is Sister Jones. She is from Lehi Ut and goign to Salvador! So yeah lets see how much my portuguese improves! President told me to learn as much portugese I can now. Talk portugues all of the time so lets pray I can do it! I feel like the Lord is telling me to really learn portuguese now becuase I will be in Brazil before I know it! ahh its kinda freaking me out! I love alabama! really really I do. But yes I was thinking about it and I could have gotten my visa this week but there is still a reason why I'm here. I was able to learn so much from Sister Moseng! Man I'm going to miss that girl! Really I am! She was the greatest and we had a blast together. Please visit her on the square when she comes back ok! She'll be back in Ut on the 25th of May so in a transfer. but yes please say hello to sister moseng! She was so amazing to me and I just loved the time we had together. I really do miss and will continue to miss her. oh goodness I hate goodbyes!
So I'm way excited about huntsville! Sister bee has been telling me all about the people here and how there is so many people that are on the verge of being baptized. She feels like people are really just walking up to them ready to hear the great word! And you know what she is just so great! I can already tell we are going to get along just wonderfully! yay new lovely changes!
ok well that was my week!

I know without a doubt that this church, the restored gospel of jesus christ of latter days saints is so true! I feel so blessed to be apart of this great work! oh its just so amazing isn't it!
I know that I'm here for a reason. I figured out why I was in Tucaloosa and that was to figure out myself. Figure out who this Jessica gregory person is. And I can't wait to see what huntsville brings! Wish me luck! I wish yall the best of luck at home! I love you all so much. SO so so much!
ok well I gotta run! Love you all! Eu amo Voce!
oh could you by chance send me sister Kemps address when her family knows? she wrote me and I think I'll hold off on sending her a letter till I know her brazil address.
ok gotta go! Love you so so much!
-Sister Gregory!!

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