Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - First week in Brazil

so like usually i´m running out of time. sorry but you know what it was so great talking to ya´ll last night! its crazy to think that i won´t call home till December!! crazy! I´ve been pretty spoiled being able to talk to yall a bunch lately! oh well here comes the real mission life!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEREMY AND DREW!! I hope your birthdays are amazing!
SO i really am loving Brazil. Its crazy to think I´m finally here! I sometimes have to remind myself that I´m here by looking around me at the bright colors, dirt roads and cold water. oh and that fact that no one really speaks english! but i´m loving it all! everyone is so loving and i know i say this a lot but I have the best companion. Its crazy how much you can learn and understand by using hand signals and very limited portuguese! I know i´ll get the language down some day so in the mean time i´m trying to take everything in, smile, laugh and just enjoy brazil! the food is amazing. oh i forgot tell you that yesterday I tried this drink call Mata or something like that. everyone loves it here. its like a bunch of herbs in really hot water and they drink it in a cool looking metal cup and straw. it cool looking. but I´d have to say its pretty disgusting! haha it tastes like grass haha but maybe I´ll grow to love it? Everyone asked if I liked it. i laughed and said its interesting. haha they laughed and said that the next time I would like it more. so we´ll see!
well sorry about the short letter. gotta run!
But I love you all!!
-Sister Gregory

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