Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm going to procrastinate a little bit longer...

So instead of doing my homework like I should be doing... I'm going to start working on this post! haha ok so some great and not so great things have happened lately.

1. Jason and Jamie are in town!!

This is of course is an AMAZING thing!! Even though they are only in town for a week its fun having all the family together. I always forget how much fun it is having everyone together. Its hard to explain but my family seriously isn't complete without these two! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing brother and sister-in-law that really isn't an "in-law" but more another sister to me! I'll for sure be visiting you guys in Seattle!

2.Went Skiing and seriously forgot how much fun it was!

When I got on the ski lift for the first time that day I was really nervous about the ski run ahead of me. After all it had been like what? 3 years? But towards the end of the run I started to feel more comfortable and really had such a fun time! Thanks Jeremy and Jason for the great idea of wanting to go! Everyone went except for Jamie. Which was super sad! She was busy doing stuff at BYU so its all understandable but still we missed her a lot!

3.Ummm... I've learned how to play the Organ?
As of a couple of weeks ago I was told I was the only pianist in my current ward. Well I did find out someone else can play but I guess I'm more willing to play. So they have asked me to play the piano and kinda pushed the idea of learning how to play the organ. I really don't mind the idea of playing and learning the organ at all! It will be very beneficial for the years to come, but you know how sometimes when everyone wants you to do something you just don't want to? Yeah well thats how I felt at first. So anyways the sweetest lady in my ward has been giving me tips on how to play the organ in a simplified way. I pretty much just press a magic button and I sound like I've played for ever! haha I really have started to really like it! This past Sunday was my first time playing for my ward and I was pretty surprised! I CAN PLAY THE ORGAN!! well sort of... haha

4. I got in a car accident...
Ok so don't worry, it really wasn't that bad! I've just never been in an accident that was my fault before. So I was pretty upset. Luckily the girl I ran into was really nice about it and hadn't ever been in an accident also. So it made things A LOT better! Also there was only a few scratches on her car so hopefully after she gets her car checked nothing else is wrong! I guess it could have been a lot worse so I got pretty lucky!