Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life's Changes and New Beginnings!

So I know I've been horrible at this blogging thing! I promise things will change soon!
Ok life feels like its moving so so so fast! Things that are coming up:
-I leave for the mission in 16 days (Dec. 15)
-My farewell is in 13 days
-Jason and Jamie come into town in 11 days
-I'll be done with my Portuguese class in 9 days (Thanks to a the best teacher ever!! No final during finals week!)
-8 days to babysit the cutest kids ever (So so so sad and depressing!! But I guess the bright side is I'll be getting fun letters from them!)
-And the count down goes on and on and on!
I know not many people read this blog but all
three of you I thought I'd share some things about me preparing for a mission.
So first off a little over a week ago President Allred (my stake president) called at like 8 in the morning. If any of you know me well that is so early for me! I'm going to struggle the first little bit on the mission! But any who he called to tell me that because my visa hasn't came in yet I'll be reporting the Provo MTC. At this point in the conversation I was totally fine with everything. I was pretty excited for the Brazil MTC but Provo wasn't all that bad. And besides I'd be close to home and maybe see a few friends! But then President Allred continued with the conversation. He went on to say that because I'm reporting the Provo MTC that I'll need to come a week early on the 15th of December. After he said this a million thoughts ran through my head. I should have right off said that it would work for me but a weeks time is pretty precious when getting ready for a mission. And I knew how my family would react especially my dad so I told President Allred that I would need a moment to think about it and talk with my family. He told me that we needed to figure out things that morning so I had to call him back with an answer really soon. I got of the phone and decided to talk with my mom about it. I told her the situation and asked her what she thought I should do. Don't you just hate making your own decisions? I sure do! I knew that there was a reason for me leaving early and that the Lords way is the best way. But I was kinda afraid of the unknown and having to make a decision so fast! Well after talking with my mom for a
bit I decided that I'd leave early and move forward with faith. Thats kinda how I've felt this entire time preparing for a mission. Crazy things and doubts have come my way but pressing forward with faith has kept me going. I've known all along that serving a mission is the best decision for me at this time in life. I'm super excited but honestly so nervous! But who wouldn't be? I'm leaving everything to serve the Lord for a year and half. I'm walking into the unknown! But no really it won't be bad at all. I've wanted to do this ever since I was little so I'm about to live the dream of serving a mission! I know there will be difficult times but the Lord hasn't ever failed me so I'm positive He won't anytime soon! Brazil here I come!
Picture of Brazilian flag and Porto Alegre.