Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - February 28th, 2011

Hello FAMILY and ALL!!
ok first off baby Jane is SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!! ahh I wish I could be there to meet her and hold her! and that stinks your labor was a freaking day Jamie!! But I'm glad to know that she has arrived and you and Jane are doing great!! Thanks so much for the pictures and video! I loved it so much!! I've decided going to call her Janie Lou ok!! That will be my nick name for her! haha So i'm guessing you all are back in Utah? Is that right? Well you all have a blast for me ok! Wow so she was born on thursday? the 24th? Thats so close to your birthday Jamie!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!! I bet you got the bestest birthday present ever!! I hope your birthday was great though and you got to relax somewhat! I sending a little something off to seattle for you jason and now Janie!!
ok I guess I'll get to my week!! oh wait before that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO...Caleb, Addi, Aimee, Grace, Bryan, JAMIE, and Lauren!!! I hope your birthdays were so wonderful and Lauren I hope yours is a blast on Wednesday!! oh birthdays are just so great! haha
oh and Grandpa Tyler, Jeremy, and Mellissa thank you so much for your letters!! It so made my week! I love mail!
alrighties now i'll comment on your e-mail/answer your questions! Dad yes my companion is a Salt Lake Temple Square Missionary. And yes she will be going back to the square. I think the end of April beginning of May she will head back. So you'll have to say hello to her then! And yes things are slowly getting better with our lovely companionship. It will still take time but I'm staying positive and trying my best to do my best! Really this week was loads better. I'm thinking that now I'm getting more familiar with the mission field it won't be all that bad. And no word on my visa yet... Sad day! but there was an Elder here waiting for his visa to Spain and he left this past thursday! And he had only been here a week and a half longer than me! So it could come soon!! I'm thinking I'll get it by the end of this month though so cross your fingers! AHHH I'm an AUNT!! Craziness! I'm still so excited!! The video you sent was so good! I have to admit I almost started to cry...but I decided crying in a quiet library might not be the greatest idea.. haha could you send me some of the pictures you sent me? like through the mail? I would love to just have some to look at other than on the computer. So the weather here has been wonderful!! no more tights and jackets for me!! I'm loving it. It is a little windy so I've been really close to having a few Marilyn Monroe moments! haha oh the joys of wearing a skirt! oh hope the oscars are great! I always loved watching that only because the entire family would watch it together. I kinda miss those moments... any who!! now about my life as a missionary!
oh and dad I will tell you about the people we are teaching as I write more. oh before I forget. Mom I pulled out my violin to play with today and so far so good! It was a little tough getting it tuned because the pegs were like stuck! but its pretty much in tune! ok missionary work!
Wednesday: We had a lovely District mtg. The Elders in my District are pretty funny. They talk like the scriptures always so its a little different.. You can tell they've been on missions for a while because haha they're a little on the awkward side! haha but thats a good thing and I'm sure I will be even more awkward when I get home! haha oh good times. but yeah pretty much Wednesday was filled with a great District meeting and service! I think we did some tracking? We also started our weekly planning. But for our service we dusted the pages of old books. Yeah I know a little random and strange. But its was pretty fun! Well at least I had fun with it. We dusted with some brushes. Me and the sisters felt like we were painting or archeologist! haha we were having a great ole time! haha oh cheap thrills!
Thursday: Sister Moseng and I went Visiting Teaching with a sister Batten (a sister in the ward) She reminds me a lot of Amanda. Just thought I'd throw that in here! haha but yeah the Bishop and ward mission leader want the missionaries and the members working more together. So we as missionaries go along with the members visiting teaching and the elders Home teaching. It helps with getting into the homes and helps with getting referals and such. Also we visit alot of the inactives in the ward. Its really sad alot of the members of the ward are in-active or no one knows where they are! Its a little fustrating just because well if someone doesn't come to church for a few weeks you would think someone from the ward would visit them or something? oh well the ward is doing better and the goal for this year they have is to clean up the ward roster. also the ward Mission Leader is super awsome! him and his wife do so much with the mission work. They come with us alot to appointments, finding less actives etc. So yeah I really love this ward!! SO yeah any Who back to Sister Batten. We went visiting teaching with her and then tried to find a lady named ollie. She is pretty active but hasn't been able to go because her daughter is really sick. So we thought to stop by and let her know that we were thinking of her. Sister moseng and I made some cookies also! they were so good!! But yeah we did find ollie and she is the sweetest lady!! So strong in the church and I want to visit her more!!
Friday: Sister Moseng and i had a great visit with Pearl! She is in active but according to Sis moseng improved like dramatically!! She use to be really negative and would swear up a storm but the past two times things have changed and she really really wants to come back to church. She also is the sweetest lady!! I get a picture with her so you can see what I mean! she's about 68 and just so whats the word? Sassy? Spunky? Idk but she's great! she wrote a poem about her "Sister Elders" I'll have to get a copy and send it home. but yeah I just love Pearl!! Also on friday we went Visiting teachign with sister Mays (mission leaders wife). She brought along her little 2 year old son. He is so cute!! but yeah it was great fun! We met some great members also. hmm... ok yup thats friday!
Saturday: Pretty much planned all day! Weekly planning takes so long! And well its a little tough when I don't know what I'm doing and Sister Moseng just expects me to get it the first time. But.. I'm trying hard and staying positive!! I'm thinking next week won't take as long.
Sunday: I absolutely love sundays!! I met a lot more of the members! And sister Moseng set up a lot of appointments with the members!! They can't feed us unless an investigator is there so we just pretty much share a lesson with them and get to know them a little bit. So its great fun!! we also went great ole tracting! oh man it was hot yesterday!! I can't say we found anyone but the peopel really are so nice! We taught a couple of quick lessons and met some interesting people! you meet the most strange yet great people here! and everyone has not one but like a zoo full of dogs! But I love dogs so I don't mind! haha i guess its just getting me ready for porto ALgre! I was told that they have dogs all over the place down there. So yeah that was Sunday!
Well I've got to run.. But I did go shopping today so just take that money out of my account.. sorry bout that! I found some cute stuff! I'll take pictures!! haha oh gotta love being a girl!!
well I hope your week is just wonderful!! GIve janie Lou a kiss for me!!
EU AMO VOCES MUITO!!! I love you all much!!!
-Sister Jessica Gregory

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh my goodness you have no idea how great it is to hear from you!! It was really weird and an adjustment not getting any letters for over a week! But the phone call last week was a great help.
Well before I get to your e-mails I'll try my best to tell you about my week since I'm sure you'd love to hear about it! Well I'm serving in Tuscaloosa and well its a little different since well its a total college town! It's so weird. But hey I'm trusting that this where I'm suppose to be! So this past week I can't lie so I better be honest, it has been well... not at all what I expected it would be. Don't get me wrong I love the mission and everything but things are just a tad bit different than the MTC. ahah of course it is! My companion is Sister Moseng. She's a temple square sister so she's currently serving outbound here in good ole' bama! And yes dad she did play b-ball! But yeah I feel my focus for this week has been faith and acting on that faith you have. Life may stink like no other but everything happens for a reason. Satan can get to ya pretty hard but the Lord allows that to test you and see if you will continue to stand by Him. and trust me I am going to stay so close to the Lord! It reminds me of the poem titled "footprints" you should totally look it up when you get the chance! But yeah things are turning around slowly i feel and I really hope I get to Brazil soon!! Oh yeah President has given me and the other sisters an hour of language study in the morning and 15 min to read the Book of Mormon at night. OH yeah I forget to tell you that the other sisters that were in my district share an apartment with me and sister Moseng. Its great to have them still around! We practice portuguese together! Its kinda tough keeping up on the language by yourself so its great having them around. So I had my first day of tracting this past week! It really wasn't as tough and I thought it would be. I was kinda stressing about it because I had only practiced it in portuguese in the MTC! But things went great! I can't say we found anyone but we got some water and 20 dollars each from some nice man! sister Moseng and I call him 40 dollar Gary. He's a leader for the Methodist church and was really friendly. Elders have taught him before so we had a feeling that he didn't care for us that much. but he loved talking to us and and let us share a little message with him. and at the end he was like, "I know you have a tight budget so here's some money for you!" we told him oh no we don't need it! But he insisted and said that he would hunt us down if we didn't take it so yeah we didn't want that to happen so we took it! haha we bought some yummy cookies and cream blue bell milkshakes with it after! But yeah I've noticed the people here in the south are really nice but the second you mention you're a missionary a wall goes up and they turn us away the nicest way possible they know! hah oh goodness. the ward here is really great but there are loads and loads of inactives. So we've been doing tons of work with the inactives. I guess the past missionaries pretty much just baptized to baptize. Its pretty sad actually. We actually just got back from visiting a lady name Pearl. She is the sweetest old lady ever! She got baptized about a year or so ago and hasn't really come back to church since. She calls us sisters her "Sister Elders" and the Elders the "Elder Brothers" Shes so funny! We're trying really hard to get her to call the Bishop so pray that she does this next week!! Well thats mostly everything... I probably missed a lot! So I'll possibly write a letter next p-day and write down everything I want to include in my e-mail! But thanks so much for the e-mails! It helps out more than you know! oh my p-day is on Mondays normally but with the holiday the library was closed so we had to come today!
Thats so cool that i have ancestors in Alabama!! Maybe I'll get the chance to visit where they are from!! so cool!
Well you all hang in there! I sent off a bunch of letters yesterday so hopefully you'll get them soon!! And I'll send some pictures home next week or so so you can see those!!
Good luck with the baby Jason and Jamie! for sure send me pictures! ahhh Amanda you're having your baby so soon also!! Send me those pictures as well!!
Well I love you all so very much!! Write soon! I have a feeling writing letters will be easier for me to write since this e-mail thing is different than the MTC. I don't know If I can print these off. but yeah I love you alll so so so very much!!
talk to you soon!
Eu amo voce!!
Sister Jessica Gregory

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sister Gregory in Alabama!

Jessica arrived in Birmingham, Alabama last night. She is off to a new adventure!

Jessica's Mission President (Richard Holzapfel) in Birmingham, Alabama wrote on his blog (Tues. Feb. 15th, 2011) the following:
"We left the district meeting and went towards the airport, stopping at the Summit shopping center for an appointment at the Apple store to get my computer working. We then drove to the airport, arriving about 4:20 pm to meet four new missionaries. Three sisters and one elder heading for Brazil but temporarily assigned to our mission until their visa arrives from the Brazilian consulate. We discovered upon our arrival that the flight was delayed in Detroit. We decided to go home and eventually made our way back at 7:00 pm to pick them up. They had gotten up at the MTC in Provo, Utah, today around 2:00 am so they were tired. Elder and Sister Sommerfeldt drove the van with the trailer to take their luggage. After we got them loaded and on their way, Jeni and I went back to the parking garage and made our way to the office. We stopped at Golden Rule Bar-BQ for some BBQ sandwiches and french fires--a Southern treat. We met everyone at the office and took some photographs for the transfer board and had them fill out an information sheet in addition to letting them eat before sending them off to sleep. I called all the parents to tell them they arrived safely and to verify contact information."

Friday, February 11, 2011

How are you all! Jason did you have a wonderful Birthday!! Oh Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
So it was wonderful talking to you mom, dad and Kenna on the phone yesterday! Sorry it wasn't that long... But it was great hearing your voices!
So how was everyone's week? Is everything going great with school, work, life?!! I hope its wonderful cause life for me like usual is GRRRRRRRRREAT!
For those that don't know yet I got my re-assignment this past Thursday! Sorry again mom and dad for not calling on Wednesday. There was like 120 somethin re-assignments going through. So yeah we didn't get them till thursday morning. But anywho! I'M GOING TO BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA!!! I am so excited! I'm excted for the sweet southern accent!! ahaha I leave tueday feb. 15 from the MTC at 4 am and my flight takes off at 7 am. (Mom and Dad I'm flying on Delta in case for some random reason you wanted to know...) But yeah I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go to the south so i finally get to spend some time there! Thanks mom for sending me the info on Alabama! If its not to big of a deal for you could you put the address you sent me up on my blog or facebook? Thanks so much! Oh so me, Sister Scheewe, Haslam, and Elder Arnow are all going to Alabama. Two elders (Killpack and Leatham) are going to Atlanta Georgia, three elders (Vaugh, Melendez, and Dillman) are going to Talahasse Florida, Elder Rowberry is going to Tampa florida, Sister kemp is off to Chicago, and Elder collier is off to South SLC! So yeah pretty much everyone is off to the south except two! Exciting!!
oh another great thing happened this past week! Tuesday afternoon I filled out my online visa application!! So that mean in about 6-8 weeks I'll be heading off to BRAZIL!! Brazil here I come!! AHHHH I am really going to make it there!! About half of my District filled out their applications and alot of missionaries in my Zone filled out theirs! So things are finally working out! Thanks for all you prayers!! AHH I am so excited!! Tuesday night Elder Gavarett from the 70 spoke at the Devotional. He and his wife spoke and they had the strongest spanish accent! My favorite part of the devotional was when sister gavarett spoke. she bore her testimony in english, spanish, and portuguese. It was so amazing! They were the most basic simple testimonies but the spirit was so strong! It made me so excited for Brazil! I can not wait to share the message of the gospel with those of Alabama and Brazil. I may not have the most elaborate testimony in portuguese but I know without a doubt that my point and the spirit will get across as long as I keep the spirit with me. ahhh it so amazing!!
Well I know more that ever this is where I'm suppose to be. I really am excited for alabama. I'm excited becuase its like I get to serve to missions! and teaching in english might help me figure out things in portuguese! But yeah I know the Lords hand is in all of this mission stuff for me. I really am so glad I chose to serve a mission! Thanks so much mom and dad for the way you raised me and youre examples. I know i couldn't be the person i am today with out your infulence! I love you all!!
I am playing the violin this Sunday for the musical number in Sacrament Mtg. oh I played this past week for the the Senior missionaries orientation. It went great! It was great being able to play my violin for something! SO i'm excited for Sunday!
oh and dad to bad I can't get pizza sent to me through the fence! They really have the MTC locked down big time. there is now way you could do anything like that! It really is spiritual prision! hahaha
Oh before I forget! So on thursday morning KBYU came to the MTC and filmed my district workin on TALL. TALL is a computer program to help you with the language. I guess KBYU is doing a special of some kind on the MTC. So this next conference watch the in between specail between sessions and you might see my district! They also interviewed one of my teachers (brother Morey). so yeah keep me posted! maybe even record it so i can watch it someday!!
Well thanks so much mom and dad for your letters and packages!! Thankyou so much Bronson for you letter! I absolutely loved the drawing!! Thank you kenna for the letter! I didn't get you other letter... How did you send it? hmmm.. But I'm so glad you had fun with alyssa! I'll write you back soon. And to everyone else I hope life is going great for you!! I pretty much have been packing all day so the only letter going out is this e-mail! Sorry everyone! I'll work on writing some letters on the plane and my next P-day! But if anyone feels like sending me a letter and it won't get to the MTC by Mon. hold off on sending it to me till you know what my address is in Alabama. Thanks for all the love and support.
I love you all!
Sister Gregory

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How are you all!!
First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... Stephanie, Kailee and JASON!! Hope your birthday were so amazing and will be amazing!! And Jason and Jamie thanks so much for the letter last week and the pictures loved them!! And Stephanie a little something is headed your way this week or the following! I hope your birthdays were amazing! Sorry i missed wishing you a happy birthday sooner! But know that I love you so so very much!!
Thanks again like always for the wonderful letters, e-mails and packages! I love them always and they so make my day!! And glad to hear that dad is being a great help around the house like always to ya mom! Thanks for sending the packages daddy!
Dad sad to hear that your friend passed away. Hope you and their family are doing alright! and crazy to hear about Eygpt! Crazy!! hope things change and improve soon!
So i get my re-assignment this week! AHHH i am so excited! but kinda nervous!! No news on the visas yet.. so i'm pretty positive i'll be re-assigned. And yes i should be able to call. It will only be for 5 min though. And when I call it might be on wed in the early afternoon. Who's phone should I call??
GOOO BYU! Glad to hear for the most part their doing great!! Sister kemp isn't changing teams anytime soon... She really bleeds red!
The weather is crazy here!! so the other day we were doing our service for the week. We clean the residents halls for the senior missionaries. We were cleaning the windows and guess what happened!! The cleaner froze to the windows!! Crazy huh!! I'm trying to stay warm though!
oh and I'm playing in the senior missionaries orientation for the new senior missionaries on monday!! I just found out like an hour ago! It should be great! So i'll be playing on monday and then on Sunday feb 13 my branch president wants us to play for sacrament mtg. So yeah I'll get to play a bit!
I have seen Elder swartz and williams. I see elder swartz just about everyday. We have meals at the same time and gym. I've talk to him a bit. I talked to Elder williams also they seem to be really liking things!
Thanks sabrina for the quote and package! I absolutely love it!! The package just made my day! Tell the kids hi for me!!
Mckenna have fun tonight ok! And tell me all about your sleepover! Sister kemp and I still think its so crazy that you two are already kinda great friends! and that our families met too! How often does that happen? Not often!
Glad you found my mission call! thanks for sending it to me!! its a great reminder at times to know that I really have been called of god and a prophet to serve this mission! They have so much trust in me its crazy yet comforting!
oh and Sister Erickson's letter was so good! It was a great perspective on a mission. I hope can have something inspriational to write at the end of this amazing experience!!
ok so about my week now!
So to be honest its kinda hard to focus when I'm leaving so soon! But no worries i'm trying my best and starting tomorrow sister kemp and I are only speaking portuguese till we leave! Wish me good luck!
So on wednesday i got to be a host for the the new sister missionaries! It was great fun until i totally got one of the new sisters lost! haha me and my great following maps skills i have! It totally reminded me of the time bradley and I took that road trip to Naomi's families house. we got so lost! Well I was able to find where her classroom really was so don't you worry! But yeah i guess you just gotta laugh sometimes!
Then on Thrusday was TRC. We had to teach the second lesson in portuguese. And sister kemp and I got so nervous!! I kinda had a freak out moment and had to wait a moment before going in there only because well lets just say not all us sisters have our great days and that happened to be not so great day for sister kemp and I. But don't ya worry we said a quick prayer and we survived! We taught the second lesson in portuguese and the word of wisdom! The spirit was there and we were speaking portugues and not some random language! oh it was great God does answer your prayers!
ok so im sorry this letter is so all over the place! So much happened this week and I've only scratched the surface! I'll try to send a letter home with more details. but I gotta go! love you all so so o so much!!
Well i hope you all have the best week ever in the world!! EU AMO VOCE MUITO!!
Sister Gregory