Monday, April 11, 2011

Gotta love alabama!

OI Familia and Minha Amigos!
So first off, Thanks for the great letter sister Gajdos! It was great hearing from you! It definantely made my day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!! Sorry I missed it last week... but I hope it was AMAZING! And MICKELLE HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY!! I hope its amazing! also hope the pregnancy is going great!
ok so about my week! It really was the greatest week ever. I can actually say that missionary work is fun! Not that it wasn't before but this past week things just went really well! I love serving with Sister Bee. She is such a hard worker but her love for the people, mission, etc is contageous so I really just enjoyed this week. The people we are teaching are so cool to! and I'd have to say that tracting this week was really successful and enjoyable! I really feel so blessed and am loving Huntsville! Also Obedience is so important! I'm coming to love being obedient! you get blessed so much!
So we are teaching a lady by the name of Elizabeth. She is so cool! She doesn't believe in God. She's very scientific so the questions she asks are so hard to even comprehend! We met her on hmmm.. I don't remember what day but she asked a question that sister bee and I have been thinking about all week long. She asked why do we need God? When people have faith its been proven that when you have faith in something a chemical reaction occures in the brain blah blah blah. Yup she lost me at that explanation but it got me thinking. Why do we need God? Well obviously I know why I need God. I know that without God and know that I am a daughter of God would give my life no purpose. I would just live in the moment and just be plan confused. But it was a great question so we told Elizabeth that we would pray about and it give it some more thought. Sister Bee brought up a good point today when it comes to that question. She said something like. The more spiritual knowledege we have the more scientific knowledge there is. True religion and science will never be at odds. So yeah that made alot of sense to me! We are still learning and trying to come up with the best way to help Elizabeth so I'll let you know how our lesson goes this week! gotta love it! We also have been running into alot of people that don't believe in God. Its super sad. But its all for a reason!
Hmm.. SO yesterday we had lunch with the cutes old couple ever! Sister and Brother Thomas. Brother Thomas is a member and his wife is a member of Church of Christ. They have been married for about 2 years or so. and guess how old they are!! 84 and 94! They are so cool! Sister Thomas talked our heads off about story after story. We ate pot roast and cooked cabbage! haha yum? then for dessert had jello, ice cream and muffins haha it made me laugh! oh they were the coolest people ever. Its amazing the people you meet here in alabama!
Everyday I meet someone with a great story or is just a very unique interested person! Like for example we are teaching a guy named Herold. He's 56. But when he introduces himself it Hi I'm Herold and this is Jasmine my dog. He loves his dog to death! He loves meeting with the missinarie also. He slowly progressing but is progressing! He loves the word of wisdom and wants to know why we need it and suchl. Why is it important to be careful what comes into our bodies. He really just doesn't want to give up using pot and drinking coffee. It just makes me laugh!
Gotta love alabama!
Well I'd love to tell more stories but gotta run! Thanks for all the support! I love you so so so much!
-Sister Gregory

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