Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oi como vai minha familia e amigos?!!
So another great week! and yes my butt is sore. Sorry for the load of information!! haha we bike like mile after mile everyday. So its bound to happen right? we look so cute with matching helmets and bikes with our skirts blowing in the wind! haha it sure is a great workout! oh and I totally have a sun line from my watch. I'd say tan line but I'm not sure how long this will stick around!
ok now on a more serious note! So this week has been pretty great! We met a guy named Gary. he is a really cool guy! if your familiar with Sponge bob well his pet snail will explain Gary really well. He is a really great though. He doesn't say much but he's golden! We met him on like tuesday. Followed up with him on Friday and he came to church and I think loved it yesterday!! so amazing!! We are meeting with him this week and commit him to baptisim.
Then ok so a sad thing. Karry is another golden investigator we have. She is a mother of twins and asked to be baptized before we met with her! All of her friends are mormon and so pretty much she knows everything but just has us missionaries holding her back because we have to teach her everything before she can be baptized! Sounds so cool right? well we found out yesterday that her husband would divorce her if she got baptized.. yup super sad. So pretty much we haven't seen her since last thursday. So please keep her in your thoughts!
ok so I slacked on the e-mailing today.. I gotta run but please know I love you all!
Have the best Easter ever!! and know that the gospel is so amazing! I love sharing my testimony daily it really is the cure for unhappiness in your life. And if you want to see an unhappy missionary just make it rain and lightening all day so the missionaries can't go out. haha it was a depressing day! we couldn't work because it was so bad outside! But hey we got some good planning in! Gotta love alabama and tornado season!
Well I love you all!! Have the greatest week of your life!!
Eu amo voces muito!!
-Sister Gregory

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