Monday, March 28, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RASHELLE! I hope its great to finally be 21! How was your birthday yesterday? did you do anything special for the big 21? I hope it was great! Love ya!!
Thanks mom for the dear elder. I got it! I'll write you back soon! and tell Diane Hunter thanks for the letter! I got it yesterday! Its great hearing from great friends back at home!

and one last things CONGRATS again mom for being done with school! Thats a huge accomplishment! yay!!
ok so now onto my week! So a few changes happened. The first and saddest is Callie is no longer getting baptized. Yeah we kinda figured something was up when she keep avoiding our calls. We also stopped by randomly at her apartment to introduce ourselves and to set up another time to meet with her. We asked how her spring break was and well she said it was great! she loved spending the time with her family and that she would be heading back home in two weeks. well we did the math in our heads and guess what was happening in two weeks? her baptisim! Well we didn't want to say much there since we would see her later on that week as a dinner with one of the ward members here. Well the weekend came and we headed over to the dinner and Callie never showed up! Something was up so after we left to go home for the night we called her and asked what was up with not showing up. She said that she got busy with school but was going to head over the brannons in a bit to talk with them. She told us if we felt up to it to head over there. Well she was suppose to call us if she decided to head over and we didn't get a call. so an hour after that conversasion we called her back and the truth came out. She said that the church was right for her at this time. But she felt it was a great thing for her in the future. Well the next day we went over to her house to answer some questions she had and to get a better understanding of what really was going on. Well we got talking and she felt a lot of pressure to get baptized but wasn't so sure she knew it to be all true. We pretty much addressed some of her other concerns and questions and then said that she just needs to take that step of faith and that she doesn't need to know everything before getting baptized. That would almost be impossible! Well I know that someday in the future she will get baptized its just going to take some time for her to realize that she really wants it and knows it. But yeah it will happen!
Our other investigator Derek is progressing really well! We had a really great lesson this past tuesday and then Saturday night he came over to a members home with us to have dinner. we gave a lesson on the doctrine of christ. It was taught very well because the spirit was so strong and sister Moseng is a really great teacher. I've learned a lot just sitting there in lessons from her. She not only teaches the person were teaching but me also! but any who we invited Derek to be baptized and he hesitated but said that when he came to know it then there would be no reason for him not to get baptized. so yeah I guess time will only tell! He came to church yesterday also! He seemed to be a little over whelmed so... I guess we'll find out how things really are going the next time we see him. but he seems to really be progressing because he really wants to know! yay!
Well thats pretty much the main parts of the week! Sorry its so short! But I am looking forward to conference this week! yay! You'll have to tell me about your favorite talks or something!! oh and we're doing exchanges this week! I'm going to Oak mountain from wed-thurs night. I'll be with a sister that was a few weeks head of me in the MTC. She's a visa waiter also. I'll keep ya posted about that next week!
Well I love you all! Thanks for the love and support!!
-sister gregory

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