Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

OI Familia and everyone!!
How are you all doing? How was New years eve and all the fun stuff?? Happy Birthday to Kristina, Jamie Brown, and Braxton! I hope all your birthdays are the bestest yet! Love you all! And Kristina I mailed off a little something for you for your birthday today so hopefully you'll get that soon!
Thanks mom and dad for the packages! I sure loved them! And everyone that wrote letters and e-mails you all are so amazing! Eu amo voce!!
ok so for the run down of the week!
For New years eve my district was told that we were having a fireside. But nope! Our teachers totally tricked us! We were so sad! But after class the bubbles, blowers and rice krispy treats totally made up for it! Thanks so much mom! You made everyones new year! Then that night the sisters in my district and I played around with the glow sticks and the fun stuff you brought. We took some fun pictures! I'll send some pictures home as soon as I get them printed off. Sister kemp and I are going to do that later today I think?! We'll see if we have time!
This past Sunday was Fast Sunday! It was so wonderful! The going 24 for hours without food not so much but I loved sacrament meeting! And guess what! I bore my testimony all in portuguese! Go me!! The language is still a little struggle but I'm trying my hardest to not stress because I know theres a reason I'm going to brazil so if I do my part the lord will do the rest! Just gotta keep faith and pressing forward! Then later that day we had a mission conference! So amazing! I honestly can't remember much since it seems like for ever ago but I know it was amazing and all of the mtc presidency spoke. Oh and guess what! The MTC presidency is getting released! Crazy huh? So there should probably be a new one in the next week or so.
So this past week as I've been practicing giving the 2nd lesson I've noticed I have a hard time simplifying! I know by the time this mission thing is over I'll have it down but man its a little tough sometimes! This past Thursday we had our second TRC. my comp, and the other sisters and I taught the same investigator together. She was the sweetest girl. The portuguese part went alright. I ask a few questions and stuff but the other sisters had to take over a bit because Sister Kemp and I arn't quite at their level when it comes the language. But no worries we'll get it down! Our goal this next week is to get the first vision and my purpose down! But yeah the TRC went great and I found out that the investigator we taught went on a mission to Porto Alegre south! I havn't meet anyone till this past thursday that has served there so I got super excited! She told me a bit about the mission and I got super excited! Can't wait to finally get there! ahhh!
Tues we had a fireside. It was amazing like always! The spirit was super strong and I just loved it! ahhh! The speaker was from the 70 I think? And him and his wife were from scotland. They had the sweetest accent! His wife told about how her mom was a convert. The story was almost identical to Grandma and Grandpa gregorys conversion story. So it was pretty cool and easy to relate to. They talked a lot about what romans 1:16 says. "Be not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ" I feel like thats been the focus of this week. And making sure you have a firm testimony of the gospel and when you teach to always always testify and testify. Expecially of the prophet Joseph Smith. The speakers wife (forgot their names at the moment!) Said that if you ever are having a bad day to bare your testimony of Joseph Smith and your day will turn around. I found that so amazing. Because its so true!! I know that joseph Smith was a prophet and that he did see god the father and the sun. That he restored the fullness of the gospel so we could have it today. I know the book of mormon to be the word of god. This gospel is so amazing isn't it!! I just love it and can't wait to share it with the brazilian people!
Well I have about 5 min so I will do my best to answer all you questions!! Thanks for all the quote mom! I loved it! and I'm glad the girls got my letters! Oh and dad there is still no word on visas yet. The older brazilian districts have their reasignments. So thinking there is still no word about visas! But hopefully soon things will change! Grandma and Grandpa Tyler! I loved your e-mails! I'm going to try my best to get a letter out for you this week! Thanks so much and I love you so so so much! Have fun in arizona! Hope school is going great and your not sick of it yet! ANd what exactly is this leadership thing your talking about mom? Is it a class? Well I'm glad you like it! Sounds like life is goign great for you jeremy! I'll try to reply to your letter today. Yay for selling your contract!! WEll I can't remember what else you all said. but just keep asking quesitons!
love you all! talk you soon~!

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