Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 28, 2011

Sooo.... How is everyone!!
Happy Birthday Desi! I met to tell you last week but.. I forgot I'm so so sorry! and i think there is another birthday this week?! I'm sorry if i'm forgetting! but just know that i love you!! and that I'll for sure give you a proper happy birthday next week!
Sooo How was this past week? from the amazing e-mails, letters and packages it sounds like things went really well!! thanks so much everyone for all the support! i really love the letters and everything i get weekly. They keep me moving and make me want to stay out on this mission thing even more! I love you all!
ok so about this week!
Funny moment:
on Sunday sister kemp and were running up the stairs and totally fell! Thats probably not anything new for you but it was so funny! sister kemp fell and the next thing I knew I the floor got really close to me and we were laughing like crazy! we just sat there on the steps laughing so hard that we started crying! ahh oh it was hillarious! k you probably had to be there but you have to admit to sister missionaries falling up the stairs could have been funny watching! and to make it even better i fell on my blue card (the most valuable thing here cause without it you don't eat) and it cracked! it still works so no worries but thats how wierd i fell. oh the joys of being a cluts!
so this week has been wonderful! nothing really new but things are really great! still no word on when i'm playing the musical number so hopefully something will come this week! cross your fingers! and about a week and half i'll be getting my reassignment! so dad i havn't gotten any word on where i'm going yet! and thanks for the e-mail. almost everyone in my district read it. it was great reading that and knowing more of whats going on with the visa status. also random question mom. i love all that snacks you send me but the last cracker mix stuff you gave me was pretty funny! I opened up and thought it was cat food for a min.! haha my district and i had fun trying that one out! but seriously mom I appreciate all the food you send! it really gets me through the days when the food it a little interesting!
So that devotional this week was like usual wonderful! elder someone from the 70 spoke. i forgot his name. sorry! But he spoke on the prophet tomas S. monson. it was so good! he gave stories on the prophet and bore his testimony about the prophet Thomas S. Monson. Nothing really stuck out to me but after that talk I know even more without a doubt that tomas s. Monson is called of God and leads our church! I love the prophet!
Its great to hear that kim is doing well! great news! you'll have to keep me posted about all that. I'm working on a letter and should get it out today. I'm so behind on letters! but dont' you worry everyone! You will get replies from me ok! I promised and i love hearing from you all!
thanks so much mom for figuring out all the violin stuff! that helps out tremendously! I'm going to for sure bring it becuase i just keep feeling like I would regreat not bringing it. so it helps know that my violin is inssureed and that its possible to get it fixed easily if somthing happens with it.
so we taught our second lesson in portugues this week! it went alright... but i coudl have been better. oh well thats what practice is all about right! also sister kemp and i did a 24 hour fast only speaking portugues this week! it was tough! but we did it! it was weird because when it was time to stop speaking only portuguese i still kept thinking in portuguese! I realy don't know much i promise but it was weird because when peopel would ask me something or i would try to talk to people i would sit there for a min and come up with a sentence in portuguese! ahh i'm going to be so weird when I get back! ahah oh well at least I know my mind is starting to think in portuguese!
well time is running out! sorry if this letter isn't to exciting! but just know that i love you all1
Kenna have a blast tonight at alyssa's ok! sis kemp and i are so excited! we keep thinking abou tit and get so excited! ahhh
and mom it sounds like your loveing school! keep being positive! I'm srue the kids love you so much! so are you going to take a break after you graduate? or try to find a job right away?
thanks jason and jamie for the pictures! I loved them! I'll send you a letter soon1
thanks for sending me a picture of my paque! it looks great! and mom i don't know where my call letter went. I should just be with all my mission stuff?! i hope it is! i honestly don't know where i put it! is there away to get another one if it got lost? i know i didin't bring it so hopefully it will show up! let me know how all that goes!
glad to know byu is doing great!
well thanks again for everything! I love you all! have an amazing week!
P.S. Mom or lindsey: could you ask Sabrina if she could send me the dr. suess quote she used for her Christmas present a couple of years ago? I absolutely love that quote and a couple of week ago in relief society they quoted it and I really want a copy of it! I hope that gardners are doing wonderful! sorry i havn't written you yet! I get a letter out today ok! I think of you guys all the time! hope school and life it wonderful! love you!!

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