Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14th, 2011

OI Familia and EVERYONE!!
So first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! I hope its the bestest yet!! Love you!!
Thanks for all the wonderful e-mails, letters, and packages! I always love them and how much they brighten up my day!! Thankyou everyone!
Ok mom so the recipe book that I want is i guess both? I don't know. They both have really great recipes. So maybe just send them both and when I get the chance i'll go through them and send home what I don't want. Thanks so much mom! And I don't need another watch. The one you sent for christmas is perfect!
SO like always i am running out of time so I am going to narrow my week down into the best and funniest moment of the week so here I go!
The funniest moment was so funny! ahh ok so since I am in a room full of 8 elders all day long something stinky is bound to happen. Expecially the food they serve us isn't the best for ya. So yeah it bound to happen with a room full of elders. ok so the other day sister kemp and I were getting really to leave the room so we could get away from the district for some quite study time. Well it just so happened that right as we were grabbing our stuff some lovely elder decided to rip one. And boy was it stinky! I couldn't breath! So told sister kemp to hurry cause was dying!! And the second i got in the hall a bursted out laughing! Yeah I know I'm immature. But ugh it was gross! The elders i guess are getting more comfortable around us sisters or something. So any who Sister kemp and I decided it was getting a little out of control with all the smells in class so we decided to talk to the district leader. Yeah I little strange I know. But it was gross! so yeah as we get ready to talk to the district leader sister kemp turned to me and said You talk to him! Your better with words! and I was like what! I'm better with words? I'm the one freezing in the lessons! haha so yeah I ended up tell the district leader that he should tell the elders if they need to release themselves that they need to do it in the hall or the bathroom. I bursted out laughing as i told all of this. The district leader was also. It was pretty funny! I don't know if you found that funny if now I guess you had to be there! But good news our classroom isn't stinky anymore!! YAY!!
So we got a new district leaders and Zone leaders! Elder melendez is the District leader. and the Zone leader is Elder Killpack and Arnow. Elder Killpack was the previous District leader. SO yeah things are just great!
ok the best moment of the week was Tuesday night! SO amazing because ELDER HOLLAND came and spoke! It was seriously the best talk of my life! Deffinately my favorite! If there is a way for you to read it or listen to it I hightly reccomend it! ahh it was so great! He talked about how as missionaries we must be converted first before we can even expect to convert our investigators. He was so bold about this. Pretty much everyone in the audience were crying or on the verge of tears! He then at the end quoted and read the scripture where Christ is talking to Peter. He says "do you love me?" over and over and then at the end Christ says " then feed my sheep" Elder holland emphasized this line over and over. He said that we must not go back to who we were before the mission. If we love christ then we must feed his sheep. And our missions aren't just for these next 2 year or 18 months. We are missionaries for life! It was so powerful! I promised myself in that moment that would never go back and always move forward with missionary work. AHH it was so amazing! The church is so true! I definately have a lot of work to do as far as being a more effective missionary. But I know I am out here for the right reasons. I can't wait to meet those people in brazil. I know that christ is my savior and I love that he atoned for me that I could return and live with my father in heaven. I am so greatful that I know and believe what this gospel offers to us and I can't wait to share all of this with the lovly brazilian people! It was amazing becuase after holland spoke he blew a kiss to the audience and right at that second I felt grandmom was right next to me. the feeling was so overwhelming and I started to cry! It rememinded me of when I would leave grandmom and grandad house and how we would blow kisses to eachother from the car. Oh I am so greatful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation and the opportunity i have to be with our families forever!
oh what a great week! Sorry that I am all over the place or don't make since!
Thats great things are going well with kim. Best of luck kim as you go to New York! Your in my thoughts and prayers daily! I love you!
Thanks kenna for the letter from travis! It great to know that the best dog in the world is being taken care of! I miss that puppy! give him a hug for me! and take him on a run or something soon! and kenna Sis kemp has a sister your age! You should look her up on facebook and become friends! her name is Alyssa Kemp. I think you too would be great friends!
Thats so exciting that karch Gajdos got his visa! YAY! now lets pray that mine comes in soon! Some other missionaries have slowly been getting there so who knows maybe mine will come soon!!
Glad you got the birthday package kristina! and glad your birthday turned out wonderful!
Thanks for the winter hat!
love you all

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