Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

How are you all?? Happy birthday Grandpa on monday!! I hope its the bestest one ever!! Have a blast in Arizona!! Have you and grandma gotten my letter yet? I'm working on another one and i'll get it sent soon!
Thanks everyone again for the amazing letter, e-mails and packages! I always love hearing from you all! Thanks for the love and support! And I'm so sorry about responding always so late! I'm kinda behind on my letter writing! But i promise if you write me I will write you!!
ok so about this week! So we have a new MTC presidency!! they are so amazing!! oh before I forget. I just sent a package home today! You'll finally get to see some pictures! I sent the packages home through MTC delivery. So you should get a call from them today or tomorrow. And mom they will be calling you. So just a warning you! and kenna I'm excited your going to play with Alyssa soon! AHH that makes me so excited! You will have to tell me all about that k!
ok back to my life. SO the MTC presidency is amazing! they spoke at the fireside. The main things that was talked about was knowing the doctrine for yourself as a missionary. Because the like ELder holland talked about they are worried about losing missionaries after their missions. So its so important to really understand and form a testimony of the doctrines in the gospel. THis make so so much sense! Because thats what your foundation needs to be formed from! But it was wonderful like always! The church is still so so true!
ok then on thursday sister kemp and I taught our first lesson at the TRC in portuguese! and yes it was 100% in portuguese! And guess what! It actually went really well! Its crazy how even if you don't know much portuguese you can still teach. It was pretty amazing! I loved that experience. So the language isn't the greatest but I'm learnging hwo to be more patient with myself and I keep telling myself that despite how much portuguese I know the Lord called me to Brazil for some reason. And becuase he called me to brazil I will find those I am suppose to teach and beable to touch them in some way with the gospel. Even if I am saying a few words and pointing to random things! But yes I'm loving learning portugues!
SO guess what! I tried out for the devotionals and I made it! Sis Scheewe ( a sister in my district) and elder Barr ( an elder in my zone) and I tried out. We played I know that my redeemer lives. I played the violin, sister Scheewe played the cello and Elder Barr played the piano. It was really good! We don't know yet when were playing but at least we made it! oh mom did you by chance figure out what I could use to help my violin not get destroyed in brazil? I'm starting to have second thoughts about even bringing it... I am nervous the humidity will ruin it or it will get stollen. What are your thoughts mom and dad? I would love to bring it but.. I dont' want it to get ruined either.
So a week from the this sunday all fourteen sister in my zone are doing a musical number in sacrament mtg! Yes I did say 14 sisters! and we are all goign to brazil! over the past few week we have gotten ten sisters! Crazy huh! none of them are goign to my mission though... oh well I'll probably be with alot native sisters and be speaking portuguese in no time!! It will be just so great! Oh I can't wait to get to brazil!! ahh and guess what.. still no word on visas... But oh well! I guess some member of the first presidency or some apostle has been talking with the brazilian government and trying to get things moving faster soo maybe Visas will come in soon! Cross your fingers!! And time is flying by! I might get my re-assignment in the next two weeks! Crazy! Everyone in my district thinks I'll be going south. that would be amazing! I'lll let you know what ends up happening!
mom It sounds like things with student teaching is going great! I'm sure your the best teacher ever! It sounds like the kids love you!! to bad I couldn't be there to watch ya teach! good luck with the rest of teaching!!
Jason and Jamie your looking a houses?? Your going to get your very own house? AHHH so fun and exciting! Send me pictures!!
Dad have fun on your trip! Thanks for the e-mail also! Hope you don't get to bored in all your meetings! Love you daddy!!
Kim thank you so much for the e-mail! I love it! I will write you soon and goodluck in New york! tell niki and grahm and grace hi for me! Send them hugs for me!!
Thanks for the recipe books and that lovely package! it was amazing!!
Well I better run. Love you all and hope school and life it wonderful for you all!
EU AMO VOCE!! Hope this next week is amazing!! Hey look I finally found time to sign my name at the end!!
-Sister Gregory

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