Monday, June 6, 2011

Tudo Bem? Com esta sua semana?! Well things here in Brazil are like always just wonderful! We have alot of people working towards baptism which is wonderful! We have currently 10 investigators that are working toward baptism and will all be baptized within the next two months. So yeah things are staying busy here in Agronomia! ok so about my week! things were really great! oh by the way I´m feeling loads better! I´m just taking extra caution with the food I eat and just not letting my eyes get bigger than my stomach. Thanks grandpa tyler for teaching me what that saying ment! I remember when I was little and grandpa would make the famous tyler pancakes and I would always take more than I could really eat! Bah just got to apply it to my life now so I don´t spend another night in the bathroom! haha so yesterday was so great! We invited Nina and Paulo to work towards baptism together. They are older well I think they are in their late 30´s no say but yeah it was pretty cool experience. Nina is hillarious. Probably one of the oddest ladies I´ve met but I absolutely love her. They have dogs all over the place and she talks super fast. So its tough understanding her but I get the the idea more or less of what she´s saying. so yeah anywho we invited them to work towards baptism together since we had to push Nina´s date back. And it worked out perfectly because up until a week ago or so we didn´t know about Paulo. Or at least I didn´t know about him. So yeah to make my long story short Paulo and Nina will be getting married and baptized by July 30th! I couldn´t be more excited for them! Then we have Ivone´s family! I mentioned them in my last letter I think? But yeah they are getting baptized June 18th! So yeah with just their family we have four baptizms! Ivone is 61 yrs old and her three grandchildren Andre, Brian, and carol will be getting baptized with her! they are such an amazing family! It was funny because the other day I was looking through my lovely planner where I write down all my contacts. So as a mission we are asked to make 10 contacts a day as we walk to and from places. Well the first week I barely remember much and really had no idea what in the world everyone was saying! SO yeah anywho I was looking at all my contacts and trying to make sense of my scribbles and guess what! I talked to Gislanie! She is the mother of Andre, Brian, and carol! Crazy huh? I guess this family was super ready and because I couldn´t quite understand and remember everything. The Lord helped me out with this one by making them a referal from a ward member. Crazy how the Lord works out at times huh? I felt pretty relieved to know that with the language barier I´m not limiting anyone from gaining salvation! haha oh goodness someday, someday I just know I´ll get this language down! oh one more baptism!! So on the 18th of june we have 5 baptisma lined up. Four from the family of Ivone (by the way Gislanie is taking the lessons also. She´s just super busy so we have yet to invite her to be baptized. so though I promise!!) and Tamaires!! She is the cousin to Gregory, Gabriel and Joao. I swear they have more family everytime we meet with them! but yeah she told us she wanted to be baptized and so we were like um.. duh you can be baptized! haha so yeah she´s super excited! she was literally dancing the night we invited her to be baptized. ok I think I´ve typed the work baptism like 50 times! But its true brazil is a baptizing mission! Its so neat seeing these people make all these amazing changes!!
Well time is running out so I better run! oh tomorrow we have another special training! I´m pretty excited becuase you get to see so many missioaries at these things and hear from president swenson! He´s been pretty sick by the way so keep him in your prayers.... SO yeah tomorrow should be interesting! But so can´t wait!
Well I love you all! Thanks kailee and khyrstyne for your letters! i mail once a week at the district meetings so it was great being able to get my first letters here in brazil this last week! thanks so much! Also tell Ben (Gardner) Happy Birthday! I hope he had the bestest 5th Birthday ever! Wow its crazy he´s 5 now! man!
Well love you all! Have a wondeful week!
-Sister Gregory

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