Monday, June 20, 2011

Pictures from Brazil!

Sooo guess what everyone! I have officially finished my first transfer here in Brazil!! So crazy. Time is for sure flying by! So guess what! I am staying companions with sister Mosdesto! And we are staying in Agronomia!! yay!! I´m so excited because well she is the greatest and this transfer we have been blessed with a lot of success. Just in one transfer we had the opportunity to baptize 8 people! Our area though will be split between us and the Zone Leaders though. and after this transfer I think it will be only Elders. super sad. our Apartment is big enough for four missionaries and well there is just isn~´t enough sisters in the mission. I´m kinda nervous because all our investigators are in the same area! But it will be for the best because well lets just say that not every part of our area is the safest... but no worries mom! And well we are also nervous because the Zone Leaders will be working with us! bah! Crazy! I guess our area is one of the top areas in the mission? No say. but yeah things are progressing tremendously and I´m absolutely loving the mission life!
So guess what else! yesterday five of our investigators got baptized!! 5! all were the family of Ivoni. Her grandchildren Andrey, Braian, and Carol and then there mom Gislanie! Can you believe it! one big family!! Ivoni was suppose to get baptized on saturday but because her health isn~t the greatest she couldn´t because the water in the font was pretty much as cold as it could get. So at the last min as we were stressing like crazy boiliing water on the stove in the church we decided to move the baptizim for sunday (yesteday) along with the entire family! And we moved the baptizm to a different chaple that had some type of heater for the water. Such a huge blessing really. It was crazy how everything went down. We were pretty upset that ivoni couldn´t get baptized saturday but the Lord knows all and he had a better plan for this family. So after talking with our district leader and then the Zone Leaders things worked out for the baptism yesterday!! oh my it was such an amazing baptism! the spirit was so strong. So it was a little stressful for everyone because Ivoni can´t use her hands. She has no movement in her arms and hands. so it was a little tricky trying to baptize her. and she can´t be wet and cold to long or else she could get really sick and possibly die. yeah dramatic I know. Everyone was sweating bullets. literally. We the entire family got baptized and then it was ivoni´s turn. Odar the ward mission leader baptized the entire family and when he baptized Ivoni everyone could tell he was nervous becuase not only was he baptizing her and had to be gentle but he had to plug her nose as well for her! bah! Well things worked out beautiful and man the spirit was so poweful! and then guess what else happened! Our bishop approved for the entire family to recieve the gift of the holy ghost right after. that never happens. everyone was in tears and yes the spirit was pretty powerful. the Zone Leaders had to open the church for us and do some last interviews with the family (another stressful part!) but they told us that this baptizm was probally the most spiritual amazing baptizm they had ever seen. Man this family is so amazing! Its crazy how there are many times in our life that what we have planned out doesn´t work out and we feel that everything is lost and well just will turn out horrible. but after this weekend I know even more how much the Lord really is in control and how greatful I am for that! I love being a missionary!
Well I gotta run. HOpefully you can somewhat read my thoughts!!
Love you all!!
-Sister Gregory!
I´m going to attach a photo or two let me know if you get them!! the first is of the baptism yesterday and the other is of the vargas family!!

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