Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello everyone!!
SO like usually time is rushed on p-day and we got to the internet place a little late. so if this e-mail is short you know why!
So things are really getting cold here! ANd it makes it even better with the humidity and lovely hard wind in your face! Today I feel like I´m ready to go play in the snow! gotta love it! Who knew you could about freeze in Brazil?! I sure didn´t!
Hmmm what else? Since all our really progress investigators got baptized last week yesterday I have to sadly report we had no investigators in sacrament meeting. First time here in brazil! But hey I guess thats bound to happen right? No worries we have faith things will progress. We are still working with Lisandra and Gilmar (the parents of the vargas family) to get married. Cross your fingers and pray that its this month. And guess what! Nina (i think I mentioned her in a past e-mail.) isn´t the girlfriend to Paulo. Aparently they just live in the same house? haha I really don´t know! I sure something new will come up this week. So yeah we are kinda at a road block right now with investigators. They all pretty much need to be married or a good push in the font. haha so yeah we are going to keep working hard with them. Today we set some goals for finding more investigators. the goal for the mission is for each companionship to baptize one family so we´re going to do all that we can. I´m kinda excited because for the first time this week we are going to go tracting! haha ok so we won´t be knocking doors but will be clapping our hands off! haha just fyi they don´t knock on doors here they clap or yell a person´s name. interesting huh? so yeah I´ll have to let you know how that goes! SO yeah this week will be a week of finding and working really hard with our investigators!
So working with the Zone Leaders isn´t all that bad. They help out alot. SO since they are working in the same ward as us we had a meeting with the bishop this week. We needed to meet so we could split the area and have more things figured out. And guess what! We got assigned to the area where we have the majority of our investigators and recent converts! Such great news. It is a different side of town with all the dirt roads and the people don´t have that much but sister modesto and I were pretty happy to stay in this area. And guess what else I found out this week. So the reason why we have another set of missionaries in the same ward is because they are trying to make the church bigger here. They (church leaders and mission president) think in about a year or so the ward will split and soon down the road they will have a new stake. Crazy huh!? so they want more missionaries here to strengthen the members and find more people that will help strengthen the wards. so like we are suppose to find future strong leaders in the church! Its really exciting yet a little intimidating! Alot of pressure! But hey we have faith! ANd also everyday for lunch the elders eat with us. every family that has the missionaries over has not 2 but four missionaris over. I guess us sister weren´t eating enough. hahah everyone say ``eat more sister, eat more!` haha gotta love members!
Well thats it for the week. Not to much happening.
Love you all! Eu te amo!!
-Sister Gregory

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