Monday, July 4, 2011

Umbrellas in trees & miracles

Well hello everyone!!
SO how was your week? From the lovely e-mails I received it sounds like everyone is doing wonderfully!! thanks always for the love and support you all give!! Mom i finally got the second package! Oh my goodness you went above and beyond. THank you so so so much! And yes I did ask for more things. Sorry about that... really if its going to cost a bunch don´t worry about it. And the pictures of christ are small pictures like 3x5 or something like that of christ. you can just put them will a letter or something in a small envelope so you don´t have to worry about spending so much. but thanks so so so much! Glad you all are have a lovely 4th of July weekend! Sure wish I could see some fire works... oh well there is always next year!
ok so about my week! Things have improved alot. we are still struggling with finding good solid investigators to contribute to the mission goal for this month of 100 baptisms but hey things could change soon right?! our numbers did go up this week and we found 9 new investigators! woot woot!
So funny story. This week like every other week it rained a bunch so one day sister modesto and I were running late and we decided to bring our big umbrellas. haha oh how they are so big. I feel pretty funny using them but hey they keep us dry. well we were walking pretty fast on this busy road and guess what! This lovely tree with thorns decided that it didn´t want to get wet anymore and grabbed my umbrella. haha oh goodness. my umbrella was pretty stuck. so I yelled for sister Modesto to stop walking but because of all the cars and the rain she could hear me. Also I guess I don´t talk very loud when I speak portguese so that didn´t help either. So here I am with this tree attacking me as I try to save my umbrella in the pouring rain with my companion getting further and further away. I finally yank my umbrella free and ran after sister Modesto yelling after her. I felt pretty funny running with a broken umbrella yelling in the rain. I think I got some lovely looks. haha well I finally caught up to sister modesto and told her the story as we both laughed like crazy. haha oh gotta love brazil!!
So I haven´t given you an update on the language lately! SO I think its actually coming along. The other day I had to call sister swenson about some scripture covers since I don´t have any and it was so weird speaking in english! I had the hardest time and kept going back to portuguese. So I guess this is a sign that I´m learning the language. People keep telling me though that I need to talk more but its not like I´m the biggest chatter box on the planet so maybe just maybe one day I´ll learn how to talk more. But yeah I really do love the portuguese language. Sometimes sister modesto will ask me to say a word in portuguese or read a word in english and I forget the word or pronounce it the way you would in portuguese. oh goodness my brain is getting so confused! And then there is those days were I will be teaching and out now where I will say a english word! haha english, portuguese, gotta love languages!!
SO this past week we had a wonderfully family home evening with the vargas family! we taught about eternal families and the temple. it was probally the most spiritally lesson we´ve had with this family. towards the end everyone was about in tears! So cool. And guess what! Lisandra and Gilmar agreed to quit smoking, get married and baptized this month! SO cool and definately a miracle! We are going to head over to there house tonight to check up on things because the other day we didn´t get the greatest of news of gilmar leaving. But hey I really am feeling like things will work out for them. THey are such a specail family and so that only means that satan will be working so hard on them. so keep them in your prayers!!
SO also guess what! sister missionaries will be stayiny in my area for a lot longer!! SO that means after this transfer I could end up staying here! but all keep ya posted when transfers come around in 4 weeks. Crazy time is sure flying by.
Well thanks for all the b-day wishes. I´ll let you know what I end up doing next week. We are thinking of going into the city and hangin out there for a few hours and then that night eating some pizza with some of our investigators and members. so that should be some great fun!
Well love you all!! EU TE AMO!! Boa Semana!!
-Sister Gregory

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Denée Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! I hope you are doing fantastic. We wish all the best for you, and more.

Love, Aunt Denee and the rest of the Mark Tylers.