Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello mom, Dad, family and everyone!
Sounds like you had a blast at the game! Go BYU and Jimmer! Thats so cool he's pretty well known! oh so cool!
Thanks so much for the letters this week!
Happy Birthday Melody! Sorry I'm late... but I hope it was a wonderful one!! Love ya
Jeremy I haven't had the chance to read your letter but I'll read it sometime today! Thanks for the updates and for the letter! Its great hearing from you! Now if i could hear from I don't know kristina? Lindsey? life just might be complete! haha I miss you guys! tell me about your lives!!
Alrighties now onto my week. The reason why you probably love hearing from me! So I'm guessing you got my pictures! Thats exciting! I bought a flash drive. I'm hoping to put more pictures on that for you and I'll send that home more so you can see more recent pictures. ok now onto my week!
So this week over all was so great! We are getting more familiar with the ward and have come to really love the North Port ward! We spent an afternoon this week calling the entire ward roster! Man it took forever!! There was like 14 pages or something! So yeah we have a lot of appointments this coming week and hope to figure out who everyone is soon!
This past week we also have had many lessons! The Elders left us a lot of people to teach and since we are the only english speaking missionaries in North Port we've been staying busy! Missionary work is great when you stay busy! It was funny because this past week we've noticed the memebers we think are active are not and the ones that we think aren't active are so active! Its been pretty interesting.... yup thats all i can say about that one!
But the most exciting thing that happend yesterday was our investigator Melvin showed up at church! It was the coolest thing! We hadn't even met him yet and he came all by himself! we talked to him afterwards and he really loved it and wants to come back again! So we'll see how this week's lesson goes! He has a wife named april that we're hoping will come next time with him also. SO yeah things are working in Alabama! We have quite the teaching pool and a baptism set up by the elders for April 2nd. So we've got a fun week or so ahead of us!
This week I went to my first trailer park! Sister moseng and I were talking one day and saying how we wanted to go tracting in a trailer park. Yeah I know wierd but you've got to experience everything you can in the south! Well the next day the spanish elders called with two referals and guess where they lived! in a trailer park! yay haha. so yeah we met one of the ladies the other day and seems pretty interested. Her son and niece are two years old so they were all over the palce so teaching her was tricky. but she was really interested in how we as mormons live. if we even like being mormons and stuff like that. IT was funny because she even asked us " do you dress like this everyday?" we laughed as said heck no! Only as missionaries do we have to dress up everyday in public. haha we had a good laugh about that one!
Well that really is the run down of this week. Sorry not so exciting but hey things are progressing and missionary work is awesome!!
Thanks so much for all the love and support! I'll get more letters out today for all ya'll!!
Love sister Gregory!!
p.s. did you see the moon a few nights ago? It was so cool! sister moseng and I saw it as we were heading home one night and chased it down to get a sweet picture! I"ll send you what we got!!
Love you all!! Eu amo voces!!

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