Monday, March 14, 2011

Still in Alabama!

Hello everyone and Family!!
So how is everyone!? Busy with work? School? How's baby Jane doing? OH I did see that Bentley is here! How exciting!! Yay!! Well I hope you had an amazing birthday Kelley!! And Bronson you have a wonderful one this weekend ok!!

Well like I said this week has been full of changes!! Its been such a great week! ok so first off I'll get to the big news. Sister Moseng and I have been transfer about 10 min away to North Port!! The ward there shares the same church building as the Tuscaloosa ward so really its not that far away. The reason for this change is this past week 6 missionaries got their visas and left for Brazil! Missionaries really do end up in Brazil someday!! but yeah they left for Brazil this week so they needed to put missionaries where they were at in Mississippi. So two elders in my district Elder Gibson and Arnow left North Port and headed to Mississippi this past Saturday! And only like a couple hours after they left did sister Moseng and I get the call that we were heading over to North Port! So yeah we have a lot to figure out but couldn't be more excited for this change. We'll no longer be sharing an apartment with the other sisters so language study will be interesting. I'll have to figure out a really good study plan so I don't forget everything!! that would be bad! but we'll probably every now and then do exchanges so I can get some good language study in with them! Cross your fingers I don't lose my Portuguese! But yeah the apartment isn't too bad and I can't wait to get North Port figured out! The ward seems pretty great! We went there for the first time yesterday. I love it because there is a lot of Spanish speaking people in this ward so I get to over hear some Spanish and guess what! I understand a bit of it! Of course I can't speak Spanish but... I can listen and somewhat understand it! Yay go me! I'm hoping that this can in some way help me with Portuguese. But yes the people are so great and I again can't wait to get to know more of the members. Oh I totally know someone in the ward here! Her name is Jane Ann Fossen. Her maiden name was Patch. She's from alpine and graduated a year ahead of me. So it’s great to see a familiar face. It’s crazy how small the world really is! So yeah I found that exciting. Oh and along with sister Moseng and I in the ward there is another set of missionaries that are Spanish speaking in the ward also which makes perfect sense because well there is a lot of Spanish speaking members. The two Spanish Elders are my district leader and his companion. Elder Linnenman and Haws. They both leave to go home soon! It’s so crazy! Missionaries really do go home someday! craziness! But yeah that’s pretty much the North Port business! Oh so pretty much today we'll be moving to a new apartment! and de-stinkafiing it from the elders! haha oh that should be fun!

Birmingham was so great! we where there for pretty much all the day on tuesday and wednesday. oh I learned so much and it was fun meeting so many more missionaries! I'm sure you saw all the lovely pictures of the conferences and that goodness. President loves to take pictures!! But because of time I will share with you the highlights of the two days. First: When I was at the Sisters conference one of the thing president talked about was the story of David and Goliath. He pretty much explained to us that we need to run towards our enemies and confront them! To take our five stones and personality or what we have to offer and go for it! The Lord will provide the rest. It was pretty comforting to me because I have tended to doubt myself a bit and really wonder if I'm cut out for this mission thing. But as he explained the Story of David and Goliath that way, it helped a lot and made me realize to just be me. Try my best each day and look at the new things I’ve learn or things I need to improve on and go from there; to forget myself and get to work! I can to it all with the lord on my side. Man I could go on forever. And sorry if it’s hard to follow all my thoughts! I really have learned so much as I've been now out in Alabama for what a month now? Crazy!! But yeah it is so crazy how much you can learn in that short amount of time! It’s been tough at times and will continue to be that way but I am so grateful for the experiences I've had to learn more about who I am as a person and what I can offer as a missionary. I know that Lord is in control of all and all I need to do is to make my will in line with HIs. To not doubt myself and to really press forward with that strong faith I have. Learn to love the work and the people. Be positive and smile always! haha like a said I can go on forever but thanks so much everyone for your prayers, thoughts and just your wonderful examples!! I love you all and I will continue to what I'm doing!!

Well I best be going! Eu amo Voces!!

-sister Gregory

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