Saturday, December 18, 2010

So hi. I'm Jessica's mom updating her blog. Here is Jessica's first email from the MTC!! We were so excited to get an email from her.

Oi Familia!!
So guess what I get to e-mail!! I only have like 23min and the time is ticking away! So this might be a quick one!
ok so my p-day from now on is going to be fridays. And thats probably when i'll be going to the temple. Today we got to have a mini p-day so we got to do laundry. So yeah everything is going pretty great! I have gotten a little homesick but I'm trying to say busy so its not to bad. oh before I forget I've loved every package you've sent! obrigado!! but just something to keep in mind I might not be able to pick up the packages till the following day so just make sure whatever you send doesn't get old over night. the prezel bits looked so good but I couldn't eat them! dang it! but thanks so so so much for them! They smelt good!! ahh ok my thoughts are a little scattered since i can see the time in the corner of my eye! ok so back to what i've been up to! my companion is great! her name is sister kemp. She's from Salt lake. we get along really well so far! I've been really blessed! and my district is really great also! We all get along really well! They are from all over the states. And everyone is going to different parts of Brazil! Me and one other elder are going to porto Alegre south. My companion is goign to Sao Palo and the others I honestly don't remember! But really everything is going great! oh so the 22nd is the last day we get mail until after christmas. Just thought you'd like to know! hmmm... the spirit is really strong here and I know that this where I'm suppose to be! Thanks again everyone for all your love and support! Its helped me so much getting to this point and helped me to stay positive! SO keep up the great work! so I would say more but sister kemp need to get on really quick to write her family. Next week i'll try to gather my thoughts sooner! oh and anyone can e-mail me but I can only e-mail my family. So go for it and send me some letters! I'd love to hear from you all! also I will probably print off your letters and then reply the following week since I don't want to use up my thirty min readin everything! oh and I have six sisters in my room. and four counting my companion and I are in the same district. I explained more of that in my letter so I hope you get it soon!! well I better go but i hope all is wonderful!! I'm glad kenna is feelin better and that finals went well for jeremy! I hope every one elses finals went great!! LOVE YOU ALL!!
Talk to you soon!
-Jessica (Sister Gregory)

Here are some pictures of Jessica before she went into the MTC

Jessica with Lindsey, Bradley & Bronson

Jessica with McKenna

Dad & Mom with Jessica

Jessica with Kristina
Jess & Lindsey!

Last meal before the MTC at Jason's Deli with the family.
Cute Christmas stocking Keith & Kelley gave Jess.

Jessica with Grandma & Grandpa Tyler
Saying goodbye to Granddad Gregory
Last night home!
Farewell luncheon

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Jamie said...

Good job updating the blog! I love it! It's fun seeing Jessica in her "missionary clothes"! She is too cute...can't wait for the next email.