Monday, December 27, 2010

Letter Christmas Eve - Dec. 24, 2010

ok so I have so much to say but so little time! I couldn't get the e-mails you sent to print so I will try my best to remember everything you all said! and I absolutly LOVED the video!! OBRIGADA!! ahhh really hate this timer thing. Also if i don't answer many of your questions just keep asking me them k!
so first off my distict leader is super amazing. He about a year older than the sisters. From idaho and just a funny Elder. Its so crazy but he's in the hospital right now! I think it was thursday morning around 5 am he decided it would be best to go to the hospital because of some major stomach pain. So he had to get his apendex out!! CRAZY HUH! yeah my district was super said and it was so wierd not having him around! So sister kemp and I made a really cute card and had the rest of the district sign it. His companion I think will give it to him later. But yeah super crazy huh? Also another Elder in my Zone got sent to the hospital yesterday also! what up with that? He had a blood clot in his next or somethin. So yeah you will have to keep those two elders in your prayers for sure. As well with my district and Zone so that way now one else ends up in the hospital!
Christmas so far in the MTC isnt bad at all. They deffinately keep us super busy! Today is P-day till about 6 and then after dinner we have a fireside. We have another fireside tomorrow as well as a devotional. I really don't know the difference between the two! But hey they both are super amazing and love them!
hmmm what else. Oh I tried out for the talent show this past week. TOmorrow we have a talent show. So I played the swan and the lady judging the tryouts loved it! But thought I was to good for a talent show! haha yeah didn't make too much sense to me! But she wants me to tryout for the devotional musical numbers so I'll see how that one goes! I'll keep ya posted.
The language is coming along! Yeah not super good but I bore my testimony this past week from memory! Yay go me! also we had our first TRC. its the teaching resourch center. Its were we teach the first lesson. Practice contacting etc. Well the lesson went really well. The spirit was super strong! It was nice cause we could do it all in english! But the contacting had to all be in portuguese. I tried my hardest to memories questions and such but it was tough so I had to bring some notes with me. For the most part I did alright it was just hard cause I would turn to my companion and she wouldn't know what i was saying so she couldn't help me out much! haha it was kinda funny! I mixed up a few words and the people were like what is this sister saying! I caught myself so they eventually figured it out!
hmm... ok so what else?!! my district is amazing pretty much! the other night we had testimony meeting and all the elders started crying. Mostly becuase they were homesick but the spirit was really strong. we had this testimony mtg after the tuesday night devotional. Elder Bowen and his wife spoke. They talk on Christmas and obedience.But obedience is key and thats one of my comp and I's goals. Being on time to everyting etc. But something I really like that sister Bowen said was writing done what your going to do and not do as a missionary. This reminded me of what Bishop patterson told us. You know write down your does and and don't. And I thought about this I realized that I've been preparing for this mission for the longest time! It was pretty comforting to me! Yeah there are pretty tough days and days like yesterday that I thought I was going to fall over and go to sleep but then there are moments where the spirit is so strong and the language just comes! and moments where I just know without a doubt that as long as I stay obedient and keep the faith that I will make it though this and love every second of this mission! ahh it really is amazing so far. Yeah again its not easy but its been great!
ahh ok I have six min. I just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing letters, packages, and e-mails. Thanks Kelley and keith for the doughnuts! My district and elders down the hall loved them! And Bradley for the letter! your the best cuz! Thanks mom for the x-mas tree! it was perfect for reading the x-mas story by a flashlight and christmas tree! my district loved it! we did it for FHE on monday. As a district we decided to have FHE everyweek.
ok I really am out of time. But Thanks for all the prayers and for everything! I'll work on writing back everyone today and i'll probably send another letter home today as well. Have fun tonight at the christmas program! tell every one I love them and Thanks Stephanie for the e-mail! I LOVE YOU ALL!! FELIZ NATAL! By the way you guy said that totally wrong!
Love you!
-Jess (SIster Gregory)

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