Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas pictures & New Companion

OH my goodness! There are so many thoughts in my head! and well lets
just say that I have about a trillion butterflies in my stomach! Mia
nossa!! where do I start? do I tell you whats going to happen this
next transfer or start with what you told me in your e-mail...hmmm...
ok I´ll tell you the news you want to hear then reply to what you told
me ok!
so guess what!..... I´m going to be.....A MOMMY!! haha so yup I´m
going to train probably a wonderful brazilian because well I don´t
think any americans are arriving and well if I trained an American I
would feel really bad because man I´m american and speak with one
great accent! haha so yeah can you believe it? I´m going to train! and
let me tell you I´m super nervous!! haha but I´m excited also for a
good change and guess what else! I´m sticking around in Fragata
probably for about two more transfers! oh my goodness! So yeah I love
this area but when its my time to leave I think I just might be ready.
its been now four transfers and I´m now going on my fith here! and
when people train they stick with their comp for two transfers because
of the training program here in the mission! So yeah keep me in your
prayers because I´m going to need some help! ahhhh!! so yeah me and
Sister Negreiros are sticking here in fragata. Sister Vicente (Who I
did a division with me a while back) will be comps with sister
Negreiros. Sister Daniele is going to train again!! and probably will
open an area because she is leaving the wonderful Fragata and going to
Porto Alegre. SO yeah we just might not see each other till June...
how sad! oh well... Sisters from sao paulo and the bahia are coming

here so yeah lets see who us two will train! And my lovely comp sister
Fasterra is heading back to porto Alegre and will be comps with Sister
Witers an american. Sister fasterra and witers are both having
problems with their knees so they will do physical therapy together
and be able to help each other out also they will stay close to the

president! The only problem is well... Sister Witers is that one
sister in the mission that well lets just say isn´t the easiest to get
along with... I´ve been helping sister Fasterra out with being more
happy and just following the Lords will. I hope things will stick. We
also had a bit of time to talk to sister Witers about the situation
and I think things will work out just wonderfully!

so yeah this past week really was wonderful!! do you remember
robertinho? He was one of the friends of all the girls we baptized at
the beginning of december. well him and Mateus (the girls older
brother) got baptized this past saturday!! it was such a great
baptism. They are in the area of the sisters but it was great to know
that they got baptized and I was able to see some people I taught a
bit get baptized!! we also found so many families this past week!! I´m
starting to get the hang of things here and just am loving things!!
i´m sure I will grow a lot as I train this new sister but I am happy
we have found some new promising investigators!! I´ve got to end my
time here in fragata strong and find all those hidden investigators!!
so guess what! I gave my second talk in sacrament yesterday!! and you
know what! the bishop told me I would be the first to speak just
seconds before I started to play the sacrament song!! haha well at
least it was before the sacrament! haha so yeah I just talked about
how its important to keep positive and look up rather than to your side
or on the ground. i shared the talk in the ensign about the missionary
that couldn´t speak german and was a little fustrated then got an
answer telling him that he wasn´t called to speak perfectly but to
serve with all his heart might mind and strength. I also talk about
our covenants we made at baptism and how there really isn´t a reason
to be negative or sad because we are tremendously blessed with the
gospel in our lives. so yeah then shared some scriptures and stuff
like that! so yeah I think i did an alright job and everyone told me it
was great! So yeah it was a great experience!
hmm.. what else?
sounds like dads work is working out! I am glad the atmosphere is
really good there!!
Kenners send me a picture of your new bed! congrats on buying it yourself!!
and kristina good luck in ecuador and send lucy and Hiram a hug for me!

Those kids are the cutest!!
well I think thats it for my e-mail. I will send you pictures next week

I promise! well that is at least my goal sorry I know i tell you this
weekly. but don´t you worry soon enough you´ll get pictures!!

well sure do love you all!!
boa semana!!
-sister gregory

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