Monday, July 11, 2011

Warmer Weather & Birthday!

WEll hello everyone!!
So guess what it my birthday and guess where I am? oh you guessed it right! I´m in Brazil and guess what´s even better? its getting warm here! I didn´t have to wear my coat today! I really think the weather here is more Bi-Polar than Utah. Its so crazy!! I was thinking about a week or so ago that my birthday would be the coldest I´ve ever had to have on my birthday but nope! Its warm, the sun is out and I´m loving being a missionary!! So for my birthday today so far Sister Modesto surprised me by making some yummy brownies, got some balloons! I love balloons!, a happy birthday sign, earrings, and hello kitty stickers! haha she is so funny! but yeah my birthday has really been pretty great so far. Its been nice that its p-day and all. Get to relax a bit and write letters, finally do my hair. For lunch we made a really yummy lasagna caserole thing. Super good. I´ll send the recipe to ya someday. And then tonight we are going to finish up our contacts and watch the legacy with some members! And thanks so much daddy! I´ll take you up on the offer of buying dinner! Tonight we´ll have pizza, brownies, ice cream and soda! Feel free to do the same back at home and picture me at the table or something and I´ll do the same with ya´ll and it will be like we celebrated my birthday together!! haha but yeah thanks so so much for all the Birthday wishes everyone! I´ll try my best to reply to your letters today or next week! love you all! OH sister swenson called me today to wish me happy birthday and guess what! I got another package! Thanks to who ever it is from!
ok so about this week. So to be honest things are a little on the rough side this week. The weather was pretty cold and for the past two sundays none of our investigators came to church. But the sun finally came up saturday evening and we had a follow up appointment with one of our new investigators fatima. So sad story. We had planned to meet with her friday evening but when we stopped by her house her son said that she wasn´t home. SIster Modesto thought she was in the house but didn´t want to meet with us anymore. IT didn´t make sense because the first time we met with her things really went really well! She wanted us to come back that week and she said she´d make us some tea and banana cake. Sounds gross but its actually pretty good! Well anyways we found out saturday night that she thought we were coming by friday afternoon and not the night. And we found out that both her and her son Alexandre read the restoration pamphlet, prayed about it, and got an answer! They want to learn more! They are so getting a baptism invite this week! haha man its crazy how at times things are pretty tough but things change and the well the sun actually does come up! So amazing!
Well I´ve kinda lost my train of thought... oh glad Ya´ll had fun reading my umbrella story! haha it was pretty fun writing about it. And no I havn´t bought a new one yet. I´ll probably buy one next p-day when we go to the city. oh before I forget. Mom I think my violin is getting a little affected by the humidity here. My bow is looking a little strange... What did sister shippin say or someone say would happen to my violin and bow in the humidity? I´m just a little nervous about my violin getting destroyed here.
Well I better run but thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes! love you all! oh I almost forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICCA ON THIS PAST SATURDAY!! I hope it was the best 18th birthday you´ve ever had! Love ya nick!!
Well love you all! Ate logo!! EU TE AMO!!
-sister Gregory

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