Monday, March 12, 2012

Walking and walking and walking

Olha!! Thanks so much for the wonderful e-mail mommy, daddy, Jeremy
and Grandma! Its always wonderful hearing from you all back at home!
So am going to try my best to get some pictures sent to you all! Its
just takes a bit longer for the pictures to get loaded! I need to get
my pictures on a Cd or something... But anyways! So its sounds like
your week was wonderful like always! Thanks for the wonderful
quote/story mom I really liked it! It really puts a perspective on
missionary work and lets you know that your efforts really are doing
something! so this past week was wonderful yet so exhausting! mia
nossa! So we walked and walked and walked! I am use to walking like
crazy here in the mission but in the heat and up and down hills all
day is just a bit different. Also here in Porto Alegre its been the
hotest summer they´ve had so yeah just imagine us sweating all the
time. Sister Neves said its pretty much the same temperature that
she´s use to in Forteleca so yeah its way too hot! haha but we are
managing! our investigators Fabiano, Juci, Samara and Oliverio made it
to church yesterday! it really makes your whole week worth all the
walking and working your tail off when your investigators make it!
Fabiano is a nephew to a young man in our branch. we taught him and set
a baptism date this past week. He is super quiet but yesterday was the
third time he´s made it to church so we were pretty excited! He will
be baptized 31th of March! whahoo! Then Samara our little 8 yr. old
will be baptized march 24 and probably along with Juci. She is a mom
of 10 kids thats really had quite a tough life. She was living with
her husband but this past week he has been treating her not the
greatest so well she kicked him out because she wants to be baptized
more than anything. She knows the church is true, the book of mormon
and that there really is a prophet here today. She really is amazing!
well she is willing to do all that it takes to get baptized so well
she kicked her boyfriend out. We aren´t sure its the greatest thing
because she had a few kids with him but well she feels good about it
so yeah now we don´t have to worry about her getting married! haha
well she came to church yesterday and was so happy! Its crazy how you
really get to see the promises of the gospel come to life in your
investigators! I love this lady and tonight we will have a family
night with some ward members and her big family. we will figure out
things for when she will be baptized. I am pretty postive that she´ll
be baptized in the next little bit. Oliverio is a crazy old man that
well his daughters and sister-in-laws and well alot of family is
baptized and strong members. so whats left is him and his wife. He has
a hard time walking but really loves the church. He has come these
past two weeks. its pretty funny because he always comes dressed up in
his gaucho clothing! but hey he loves the church and so we will start
teaching him this next week. he has promised us a bbq at the end of
this month so lets see what happens! haha well can you believe that
General conference is coming up? I can´t! I´m so excited! well that
pretty much is it for this past week. oh we had a Leadership conference
here in the mission this past week. I was told to come because I am
training. well we had to leave at 6 in the morning to get to Porto
alegre at 9 in the morning. well guess what? we woke up at 5:15 when
we were suppose to wake up at 4:30! it takes a half hour to walk to
the bus station! well we missed our bus and had to catch the next one
at 7. well we were an hour late to the conference. oh goodness! we´ve
got to get our alarm working! also I feel bad because sister Neves
isn´t use to walking and running so it was a struggle to get moving
quick! but hey we made it save and sound!
well thats it for this past week. we are just working our tails off
here and trying to keep up with all these 11 people preparing for
baptism and the huge bucket load of less actives! wish us luck!!
have a wonderful week!!
-Sister Gregory
Happy birthday!!! My Second Mommy Kelley, and Melody!!
hope its a wonderful birthday for you two!!
oh did i tell you that we are now teaching english? well we are every
friday at 7:30 at night. Lets see if my english comes back and that we
find some new peopel to teach!

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