Monday, September 12, 2011

Loving the mission life!

OI familia e meu Amigos!! Como vai sua semana e da vida de voces?!! So thanks for the wonderful e-mails mom dad and Jeremy! oh send a thanks to Diane Hunter for me for the sweet e-mail she sent. So I think I lost her address could you ask her for her address. Sorry I seriously think I´ll stop asking for things. But thanks so much for Khyrstynes address and the battery!! bah you have no Idea how much that will help out!!
ok so as for my life here in Brazil. I´m not so sure I´ll have the time to reply to your e-mails because of the time contrants but no worries soon enough I will e-mail you guys personally and maybe write you a letter! bah life is just always on a run! serously this past transfer has flown by! and guess what also? I hit my halfway mark Wednesday... not so sure I like that idea. Just a little stressful you know! haha only becuase I have 9 months to get portuguese down and really finish up my work here in Brazil. Don´t want to go home forgetting anything! haha ok enough with the trunkyness. Bah 9 months can you believe it? ok so news about this next transfer! so guess what!! I´m sticking around here in Fragata! you have no idea how excited I am! But the down side... I won´t be companions with Sister Daniele... Super super sad... But even better! So to explain things more clearly the ward I´m in has a set of sisters and Elders. SO with the changes now guess what? THe elders are getting switched for sisters! can you believe that? To be honest sister Daniele and I are pretty sad about this. Elder Nascimento and Wood are super cool and both of them are getting transfered. SO yeah sister Daniele is sticking around also so that will be nice to have her around. She is going to train a new sister from the Bahia and well is a huge mystery who my new comp will be. Everyone is saying that I will be a senior comp this transfer... yup I have dinosaurs in my stomach and a trillion things in my head. So yeah it should be interesting! oh us four sisters will be in the same apartment. haha this really will be a fun transfer... hehe I´ll keep you posted! oh and also our District Leader is getting tranfered to Agronomia!! He will be comps with the Zone leader there. Cool huh? He will totally baptize Lisandra and Gilmar! SO yeah thats about it with the changes here! I have a bit of mixed feelings but you know what the lords hands are definately in all of this and I will keep smiling and just living the mission up! oh last thing about tranfers I´ll be working in the area of Elders... so yeah it will be kinda like opening a new area. I told them they need to write everything down about their area if they want their investigators baptized. haha oh gotta love transfers.
So now that I´ve takin a year to explain transfers I will talk about something else! haha so Jorge is getting baptized this week! he was going to get baptized tomorrow but with tranfers it wont happen because I´ll be hanging out with one of the members of the relief society all day waiting for sister Daniele and the new two sisters to arrive which will be about 8pm when they come back. SO yeah most likely will be Wednesday! SO yeah we are pretty excited about it all! I´ll send pictures next week of the baptism for sure! so this past week we met a super amazing lady. Leila. She is about 70 something and is getting baptized! She is definately an elect. We ran into her the other day when we knocked on the door of another investigator in the same apartment building. our investigator ended up not being home so we talked to Leila and asked if she would like to hear our message right then. She said yes and invited us to come in her home. we taught her the first lesson and was pretty much the most spiritual lesson I´ve taught for sure. She paid attention to practially every word and when it came down to when we invited her to follow the example of Jesus christ and be baptized by proper priesthood authority she reply with the coolest amazing answer. ``How do I prepare for this?`` I about freaked out with happiness when she said this. We explained everything how we would teach her more and she would feel ready on September 24. so yeah she will definatly get baptized. oh she came to church yesterday how cool is that?! well my time is running out but do know that I love you all and think of you all often! Congrats Bryson and Mickelle with the baby girl!! Love the name Lilly ann! Sorry if i spelled it wrong...
Well Boa Semana!!
Eu te Amo!
-SIster Gregory

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