Friday, February 11, 2011

How are you all! Jason did you have a wonderful Birthday!! Oh Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
So it was wonderful talking to you mom, dad and Kenna on the phone yesterday! Sorry it wasn't that long... But it was great hearing your voices!
So how was everyone's week? Is everything going great with school, work, life?!! I hope its wonderful cause life for me like usual is GRRRRRRRRREAT!
For those that don't know yet I got my re-assignment this past Thursday! Sorry again mom and dad for not calling on Wednesday. There was like 120 somethin re-assignments going through. So yeah we didn't get them till thursday morning. But anywho! I'M GOING TO BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA!!! I am so excited! I'm excted for the sweet southern accent!! ahaha I leave tueday feb. 15 from the MTC at 4 am and my flight takes off at 7 am. (Mom and Dad I'm flying on Delta in case for some random reason you wanted to know...) But yeah I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go to the south so i finally get to spend some time there! Thanks mom for sending me the info on Alabama! If its not to big of a deal for you could you put the address you sent me up on my blog or facebook? Thanks so much! Oh so me, Sister Scheewe, Haslam, and Elder Arnow are all going to Alabama. Two elders (Killpack and Leatham) are going to Atlanta Georgia, three elders (Vaugh, Melendez, and Dillman) are going to Talahasse Florida, Elder Rowberry is going to Tampa florida, Sister kemp is off to Chicago, and Elder collier is off to South SLC! So yeah pretty much everyone is off to the south except two! Exciting!!
oh another great thing happened this past week! Tuesday afternoon I filled out my online visa application!! So that mean in about 6-8 weeks I'll be heading off to BRAZIL!! Brazil here I come!! AHHHH I am really going to make it there!! About half of my District filled out their applications and alot of missionaries in my Zone filled out theirs! So things are finally working out! Thanks for all you prayers!! AHH I am so excited!! Tuesday night Elder Gavarett from the 70 spoke at the Devotional. He and his wife spoke and they had the strongest spanish accent! My favorite part of the devotional was when sister gavarett spoke. she bore her testimony in english, spanish, and portuguese. It was so amazing! They were the most basic simple testimonies but the spirit was so strong! It made me so excited for Brazil! I can not wait to share the message of the gospel with those of Alabama and Brazil. I may not have the most elaborate testimony in portuguese but I know without a doubt that my point and the spirit will get across as long as I keep the spirit with me. ahhh it so amazing!!
Well I know more that ever this is where I'm suppose to be. I really am excited for alabama. I'm excited becuase its like I get to serve to missions! and teaching in english might help me figure out things in portuguese! But yeah I know the Lords hand is in all of this mission stuff for me. I really am so glad I chose to serve a mission! Thanks so much mom and dad for the way you raised me and youre examples. I know i couldn't be the person i am today with out your infulence! I love you all!!
I am playing the violin this Sunday for the musical number in Sacrament Mtg. oh I played this past week for the the Senior missionaries orientation. It went great! It was great being able to play my violin for something! SO i'm excited for Sunday!
oh and dad to bad I can't get pizza sent to me through the fence! They really have the MTC locked down big time. there is now way you could do anything like that! It really is spiritual prision! hahaha
Oh before I forget! So on thursday morning KBYU came to the MTC and filmed my district workin on TALL. TALL is a computer program to help you with the language. I guess KBYU is doing a special of some kind on the MTC. So this next conference watch the in between specail between sessions and you might see my district! They also interviewed one of my teachers (brother Morey). so yeah keep me posted! maybe even record it so i can watch it someday!!
Well thanks so much mom and dad for your letters and packages!! Thankyou so much Bronson for you letter! I absolutely loved the drawing!! Thank you kenna for the letter! I didn't get you other letter... How did you send it? hmmm.. But I'm so glad you had fun with alyssa! I'll write you back soon. And to everyone else I hope life is going great for you!! I pretty much have been packing all day so the only letter going out is this e-mail! Sorry everyone! I'll work on writing some letters on the plane and my next P-day! But if anyone feels like sending me a letter and it won't get to the MTC by Mon. hold off on sending it to me till you know what my address is in Alabama. Thanks for all the love and support.
I love you all!
Sister Gregory

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