Sunday, February 6, 2011

How are you all!!
First off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO... Stephanie, Kailee and JASON!! Hope your birthday were so amazing and will be amazing!! And Jason and Jamie thanks so much for the letter last week and the pictures loved them!! And Stephanie a little something is headed your way this week or the following! I hope your birthdays were amazing! Sorry i missed wishing you a happy birthday sooner! But know that I love you so so very much!!
Thanks again like always for the wonderful letters, e-mails and packages! I love them always and they so make my day!! And glad to hear that dad is being a great help around the house like always to ya mom! Thanks for sending the packages daddy!
Dad sad to hear that your friend passed away. Hope you and their family are doing alright! and crazy to hear about Eygpt! Crazy!! hope things change and improve soon!
So i get my re-assignment this week! AHHH i am so excited! but kinda nervous!! No news on the visas yet.. so i'm pretty positive i'll be re-assigned. And yes i should be able to call. It will only be for 5 min though. And when I call it might be on wed in the early afternoon. Who's phone should I call??
GOOO BYU! Glad to hear for the most part their doing great!! Sister kemp isn't changing teams anytime soon... She really bleeds red!
The weather is crazy here!! so the other day we were doing our service for the week. We clean the residents halls for the senior missionaries. We were cleaning the windows and guess what happened!! The cleaner froze to the windows!! Crazy huh!! I'm trying to stay warm though!
oh and I'm playing in the senior missionaries orientation for the new senior missionaries on monday!! I just found out like an hour ago! It should be great! So i'll be playing on monday and then on Sunday feb 13 my branch president wants us to play for sacrament mtg. So yeah I'll get to play a bit!
I have seen Elder swartz and williams. I see elder swartz just about everyday. We have meals at the same time and gym. I've talk to him a bit. I talked to Elder williams also they seem to be really liking things!
Thanks sabrina for the quote and package! I absolutely love it!! The package just made my day! Tell the kids hi for me!!
Mckenna have fun tonight ok! And tell me all about your sleepover! Sister kemp and I still think its so crazy that you two are already kinda great friends! and that our families met too! How often does that happen? Not often!
Glad you found my mission call! thanks for sending it to me!! its a great reminder at times to know that I really have been called of god and a prophet to serve this mission! They have so much trust in me its crazy yet comforting!
oh and Sister Erickson's letter was so good! It was a great perspective on a mission. I hope can have something inspriational to write at the end of this amazing experience!!
ok so about my week now!
So to be honest its kinda hard to focus when I'm leaving so soon! But no worries i'm trying my best and starting tomorrow sister kemp and I are only speaking portuguese till we leave! Wish me good luck!
So on wednesday i got to be a host for the the new sister missionaries! It was great fun until i totally got one of the new sisters lost! haha me and my great following maps skills i have! It totally reminded me of the time bradley and I took that road trip to Naomi's families house. we got so lost! Well I was able to find where her classroom really was so don't you worry! But yeah i guess you just gotta laugh sometimes!
Then on Thrusday was TRC. We had to teach the second lesson in portuguese. And sister kemp and I got so nervous!! I kinda had a freak out moment and had to wait a moment before going in there only because well lets just say not all us sisters have our great days and that happened to be not so great day for sister kemp and I. But don't ya worry we said a quick prayer and we survived! We taught the second lesson in portuguese and the word of wisdom! The spirit was there and we were speaking portugues and not some random language! oh it was great God does answer your prayers!
ok so im sorry this letter is so all over the place! So much happened this week and I've only scratched the surface! I'll try to send a letter home with more details. but I gotta go! love you all so so o so much!!
Well i hope you all have the best week ever in the world!! EU AMO VOCE MUITO!!
Sister Gregory

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