Monday, May 14, 2012

A little trunky but working hard!

Olha Familia!!
So we got word about transfers.... So Sister Neves is getting
transfered like we figured and I´ll be getting a new comp tomorrow.
Should be exciting because this will be the last transfer and last
comp for the mission. Man how time is just flying by! oh and did I
tell you how I´m not training again! Whoot Whoo! Man if I trained
again I´d feel bad for the sister. Because I´m getting ready to head
home and well she´d be just getting here! so yeah what a blessing! So
I want to send yall some pictures so I´ll see what I can do about

But thanks for sending me pictures of Bradley and Anna´s
wedding! Everyone looks so great and just well all grown up! Goodness
I think I´ll need some help when I get home with the new fashions and
stuff everyone is like all fancy! haha And looks like the wedding
really was a fairy tale come true!! I can´t wait to see more pictures
and just the wedding video if they made one!
So it was amazing talking to all yall yesterday! And don´t worry mom
you guys didn´t make me trunky! President Swenson said its alright if
you get trunky just don´t die. If you can still work hard and
being trunky doesn´t affect the work then your doing great. So yeah
I´ll be honest I´m just a tad on the trunky side but super excited to
see what this last transfer is going to bring my way! hehe! its going
to be an amazing one I´m just feelin it! Full of baptisms, miracles and
probably tears...oh boy... 

So we weren´t able to visit Catia this past week but this next week
we´ll for sure get there! Its just hard at times meeting with people
when they can only meet with us on the weekends. but we did find
Carloine! I told you a bit about her yesterday but I´ll explain about
her better in this e-mail. well we were kinda exploring new streets
and stuff the other day and well headed down one road that I thought
was pretty cool and exciting. haha well Caroline was sitting out in
the front of her house watching the little girl she nannies. It was
pretty cool. well we asked if we could share a message with her and
she let us in! We talked about the restoration and focused on the love
God has for us. It was a pretty spiritual lesson and just amazing
teaching her. She was grown up with parents that are catholics but no
one practices the catholic religon reguarly so she was open to
learning more. we invited her to be baptized and she acepted right
away! She also asked if she had to read the book of mormon a certain
order after I marked a chapter for her. I said nope! Its yours. you can
read it backward frontwards or however you want. its your book! haha
well I could see how she was just interested and wanted to start
reading and learning more! We mark an appointment with her this
wednesday so that should be pretty exciting!

So guess what? last night we found a pretty sweet family doing street
tracking. it was pretty amazing! I asked if they had a visit from the
missionaries before and they said not yet. like they had been waiting
for us to visit them! The dad was doing all the talking and asked
before I asked him if we could come visit them. I was a little shocked
and was like sure! I got explaining about how our families can be
together forever and just the wonderful plan of salvation. Well we
marked a visit for wednesday! Can´t wait! There are some promising
things for this next transfer! I´m praying for a wonderful transfer
and just one that I´ll never forget!

Still a little stuck in the road with Juci and her family. They didn´t
come to church yesterday so we´ll have to give them a call or
something today. I´m pretty sure they didn´t come because they didn´t
have a ride or were celebrating Mothers day. I hope things keep moving
along smoothy for them this transfer! They want to be married so bad!

Hmmmm what else is happening? oh I want to explain about this new
program we created and will start this next week. So things have been
well difficult the past little while. like things aren´t progressing
like they should be here. SO the light turned on thursday night after
an interesting ward counsel meeting this past week. Well I got talking
and talking and ideas just started coming out. Sister Neves started
putting our heads together and just realized that we´ve been slacking
big time and well the past missionaries here. Well the goal for the
District here is for them to turn into a stake. They´ve been praying
and praying always for this. Well president and sister swenson in the
last district mtg told them all to start in the home by doing the
small and simple family night, family pray and scripture
study. well we also realized that the name of this branch is Uniâo
which means `Branch United´ well the strong members are super united
with one another but them with us missionaries or less actives not so
much. so we got thinking more and realized lets do something to
motivate everyone to get them working more with everyone! SO we are
doing a month long save your buddy activity thing. we split the branch
into three groups by where everyone lives. for this month every
visiting teacher visit, home teacher visit, or family night with a
less acitive family or investigator they get points. If they invite us
sisters they get more points. they get points for giving us
references, bringing friends to church that aren´t members etc. So yeah
they are all trying to one get points but more important activate this
branch so in the next year they can turn into a ward because there
are like 200 or so ward members but like 20 are active. super sad
huh?! So yeah we are going to get very excited and ready to work
hard!! I´m excited to see what happens! We did something similar in
Fragata and well it worked out really well so yeah wish us luck! and
well this little Unitied Branch is needing lots of help and just ways
to be a lot more stronger! I´ll keep updated with how things go!
Well gotta run! Love you all!
-Sister Gregory

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