Monday, August 22, 2011

So I hope you all love the pictures I sent to ya! I´ll try to send pictures home more often so you know that I´m not just messing around here in Brazil!
SO first of before I forget. Mom could you e-mail me the lion house recipe for rolls, cinnamon rolls, and orange rolls? I´m pretty sure I have the recipe for cinnamon rolls and orangle rolls in my recipe book. Oh also a great recipe for pancakes? thanks so much! I keep telling Sister Daniele about cinnamon rolls and so now I´ve really got to make them and let her try them! oh also if you feel up to it I´ve been cravind dried mangos from costco... Just when you feel up to it and it doesn´t cost a fortune send some my way... sorry i ask for so much...
ok onto the mission life! SO guess what! Dara was baptized this past friday! can you believe it? Everyone thought she would never have permission to get baptised and after an amazing spiritual lesson with Dara, her mom, the young womens president, and some young women from the ward her mom was super open minded and said... YES!! bah you have no idea how excited we were. everyone was in tears. Bah it was truely a miracle. Sister Daniele along with our district have been fasting every sunday for miracles and for our investigators to progress and to just find the elect here in pelotas and guess what? the lord is truely answering our prayers daily. Bah it blows my mind daily! I serously just laugh like crazy when we find a golden investigator or experience another experience where the lord's hand is truely in our lives. man we are definantley blessed here in fragata. i thought Agronomia was the best area but nope. its here in fragata! haha no really I´ve learned that obedience is really the key to all the blesssings we´ve recieved this transfer. SIster Daniele and I have a goal to be exactly obedient and boy have we been blessed. i really truely blows my mind. Just this week alone we found two families. two super golden families. one is getting baptized sep 3 and the other is getting baptized sep. 8. bah I just love being a missionary and how the Lord really truely answers every prayer. so about the language question yall asked. So my language is improving a lot but I still get fustrated. but hey my testimony of why I´m here in brazil and why I´m learning a new language grew ten folds this week. this past friday I was a bit frustrated with the language and really just wasn´t loving the freezing cold breeze and the rain and well everyone telling me that i don´t talk or how they don´t understand one word coming out of my mouth. Well I caught myself in all this sadness and said a prayer and just asked for things could turn around so I could make it to the baptizm that night with a smile on my face. Well guess what? soon after this prayer of mine we taught Henrrique and his parents. They are such an amazing family! so Henrrique is 13 and just loves the church and all the activities. one of his friends intruduced us to this family. well when we were teachign them a thought came into my head that I never thought about. Well i have but it wasn´t as clearly as this time was. THe thought was `I am here in brazil learning portuguese so this family. can hear about the they can be sealed for time and all eternity in the house of the lord. so they can have happiness in this life and the life to come` bah this has never hit me so hard on the mission but I couldn´t be more happy to be a missionary learning portuguese! I feel so blessed to be able to continue my mission here in brazil. the language will come soon!
well good luck with school! ANd kristina goodluck with moving out! you´ll love the social life there in provo! just don´t get married anytime soon ok? Love ya!! Mckenna have a blast this year in school ok and really if you're lonely just send me a e-mail!
HAPPY ANIVERSARY MOM and DAD!! Love you all!
have a wonderful amazing week!
love ya´ll
sister gregory

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